Optimizing Business Growth: Scaling Efficiently with $1.2 Million Cost Savings


Optimizing Business Growth: Scaling Efficiently with $1.2 Million Cost Savings

Case Study

Optimizing Business Growth: Scaling Efficiently with $1.2 Million Cost Savings

Podcasts continue to surge in popularity. Today, over 100 million Americans listen to podcasts, with nearly 80% of the population 12 and over being aware of the medium compared to just 50% a decade ago. 1 This growth could be linked to the fact that podcasts provide a great way to incite conversations and interactions among consumers within a platform, highlighting how User-Generated Content (UGC)’s ‘humanized’ approach significantly impacts platform traffic, user engagement, brand exposure, and the like. 2

However, this also poses a challenge for streaming platforms. A cost-saving approach is to combine strategic efforts and technology-driven solutions to make sure users are producing (and consuming) content that is safe and follows online community standards. Cost-saving efforts such as these allow businesses to achieve higher scalability, improve user experience, and mitigate online risks. This is where TaskUs comes in.

The Challenge

Our client, a global music streaming platform, was looking to establish in only 18 months a consistently efficient and diverse workforce to support its user safety efforts. The company experienced exponential growth in its podcast content in less than a year. However, due to the lack of structured policy training materials on moderating content, there was a noticeable increase in uncurated and unchecked user-generated content. The influx of active users and content made it crucial for the global music streaming platform to invest more in user safety, so they collaborated with Us to build their content moderation team.

The Answer Is Us

Through this partnership, we implemented several trust and safety workflows. These included integrating our work-from-home (WFH) model, expanding the team globally, and incorporating adult education pedagogy into policy training materials and product guidelines. All these enhanced measures improved safety and saved costs:

  • $95,000+ monthly savings ($1.2M per year) from improved machine learning accuracy
  • 230% increase in language capabilities
  • Ready in half the time (9 months vs. the 18-month target)

TaskUs’ trust and safety services go the extra mile in keeping today’s leading streaming services safe and secure for users. Read our full case study to find out how our #RidiculouslyGood expertise and diversity training significantly boosted the client’s content moderation processes while saving them money.

Download the full case study

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    $1.2 Million in Cost Savings: How TaskUs and a Global Music Streaming Platform Launch a Global Content Moderation Team in Record Time and Efficiency


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