Optimizing Business Growth: Scaling Efficiently with $1.2 Million Cost Savings


Optimizing Business Growth: Scaling Efficiently with $1.2 Million Cost Savings

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years, with over 100 million Americans tuning in. Additionally, the medium’s awareness among people aged 12 and above has skyrocketed to almost 80%, compared to just 50% a decade ago. The surge in listenership is due to podcasts’ ability to foster conversations and interactions among consumers, highlighting the impact of User-Generated Content (UGC) on platform traffic, user engagement, and brand exposure.

However, the increase in podcast listenership poses a challenge for streaming platforms. To address this issue, businesses are combining strategic efforts with technology-driven solutions to ensure that users produce and consume safe and compliant content with online community standards. These cost-saving measures also assist in achieving higher scalability, improving user experience, and mitigating online risks.

The Challenge

Our Client, a global music streaming platform, needed to build a diverse and efficient workforce to support its user safety efforts as the company experienced tremendous growth in its podcast content in under a year. Due to the lack of structured policy training materials on content moderation, there was a noticeable increase in uncurated and unchecked UGC.

The Answer Is Us

Together with our Client, we created a Trust and Safety team that is both efficient and effective. We utilized our expertise to streamline processes and reduce costs by implementing a global operating strategy. Our team provided valuable human input to improve the accuracy of machine learning, and we established a work-from-home model to optimize productivity.

The Results

Our strategic solutions resulted in significant benefits:

  • $1.2M annual savings ($95,000+ monthly) from machine learning accuracy optimization
  • 230% increase in language capabilities
  • 2X global launch speed: 9-month roadmap vs. 18-month target, cutting implementation costs by half

Optimize your content moderation processes.

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    $1.2 Million in Cost Savings: How TaskUs and a Global Music Streaming Platform Launch a Global Content Moderation Team in Record Time and Efficiency


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