Care to Curate: Trust + Safety Solutions to Keep Content Creators Safe

Published on December 7, 2022
Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Content creators have become exponentially popular thanks to the increasing affordability of smartphones, accessibility of the internet and the rippling popularity of digital media . In 2021 alone, the global content marketing industry revenue was estimated at a record-breaking 66 billion U.S. dollars and is projected to reach 137 billion by 2026. Currently, 1.4 billion people earn income through social commerce, and that number is expected to grow significantly in the near future.

The main driving force for platforms to gain traffic on online platforms are content curators who have been empowered with various revenue streams such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, Subscription, Tipping, and Merchandising. 

Platforms have enacted various layers of policies on top of the existing Community Guidelines, which are required to be followed by creators in order to monetize their content. These Monetization Policies and Advertiser-friendly Guidelines play a pivotal role in ensuring that bad actors do not profit from spreading harmful online content. 

Online Abuses & Risks by Content Creators

  • Misleading Political Content/Misinformation. Content creators have a tremendous impact on influencing their followers on a particular topic. They can use their clout to spread unverified and manipulated information that can be harmful to the general public (e.g.: vaccine misinformation, war-mongering, and political unrest)
  • Unfair Practices. With the intent to draw in more clients, boost revenue, and project themselves as being superior to their competition, some content creators indulge in unfair practices in their content.
  • Fake Engagement. In order to gain engagement on their content, creators may resort to bots and click farms to increase their likes and follower counts. 
  • Use of Sexually Gratifying Imagery. Using thumbnails that use sexually enticing imagery, suggestive short videos, and click-bait titles are common tactics that content creators use to gain followers.
  • Harassment towards LGBTQIA+ Content Creators. LGBTQIA+ content creators are often subjected to toxic comments that demean, mock, and belittle their identity. 
  • Impersonation. Impersonation of well-known creators has become a major issue that can damage the original creator's reputation and brand value. Impersonator accounts use various methods in order to replicate the original creator’s account and posts to be indistinguishable from them.

How Can TaskUs Help?

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Siva Raghava
Senior Director, Trust + Safety
As a Senior Director, he and his team focus primarily on scaling Trust & Safety practices globally. Developed expertise while helping organizations in Product Operations, Content Moderation and Management, Project Mgmt., Global Solutioning & Vendor Management, Digital Marketing Ops, Content Policy Creation, and Content Policy Enforcement. Siva is a "truly diversified" Trust and Safety professional driving a purpose on platform safety for online communities at large for over 17 years. Worked with some of the premium brands in this space building deep domain expertise globally.