Back Office Support: Prioritizing the Power of Partnership

Back office work is the backbone of every business that can be leveraged, maximized, and made more efficient through outsourcing

Published on December 1, 2022
Last Updated on December 13, 2023

Back office services are the backbone of every business. Think of it as the motor that keeps the company and its employees functioning—an unsung hero silently working behind the scenes, keeping the organization afloat, and running smoothly. Without back office support, a business would have unpaid workers (assuming it can even screen and hire applicants in the first place), mismanaged reports, and financials that do not add up. Not to mention all the angry customers who are not able to access their information, manage their accounts, and have their platforms working properly.

Back office support is an essential part of business operations that is sometimes overlooked. But what—or who—exactly is the back office? Back office services comprise the non-client-facing aspect of the business (as opposed to sales, marketing, and public relations). Let us break it down a bit further and take a look at some of its functions:

  1. Finance
    If money is power, then the back office has it all. Every penny the business makes or spends runs through back office services. Accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll are just a few functions that fall under the finance umbrella.
  1. Human Resources
    The simple fact of the matter is that, a company would not even have a workforce without back office support. Recruitment, training, and people management—all necessary roles—fall under human resources.
  1. Information Technology (IT)
    In today’s digital world, having the right information technology system in place is non-negotiable. The back office support handles vital aspects of a company’s IT operations—from software management to IT support.
  1. Administrative
    From data entry to research, the administrative side is broad, covering many functions. Nonetheless, such back office support is crucial for any organization.

Having solid, accurate, and efficient back office support operations is crucial; it is no secret that it takes a lot of capital and manpower to run and maintain. And this expense is why many companies choose to outsource their back office services through a BPO service provider. In fact, doing so can help organizations save up to 30% in operations costs. There are numerous benefits partnering with back office outsourcing companies can offer but let’s first define what back office outsourcing is.

Back office outsourcing is having a business process outsourcing company handle the non-client-facing or back-end operations of a business. For example, if a small business owner’s data entry system was outsourced to an offshore BPO, the owner no longer have to worry about the grueling work of encoding, managing, and manually double-checking thousands to millions of data entries.Instead, the owner could instead focus on other core tasks like strategy and communications.

Critical Advantages of Back Office Outsourcing

Any enterprise can benefit from a third party’s back office services, whether a startup or multinational. Here are three reasons why business owners need to consider it as an opportunity for growth:

Expense reduction
While having an entirely fully in-house back office is always an option, one must consider how expensive it can be; this is a major pain point of keeping back office support in-house.  Hiring employees, paying for salary and worker benefits, purchasing equipment, renting office space, and maintaining them all add up, particularly if you're either starting the business from scratch or expanding to an entirely new location, country, or region. By partnering with back office outsourcing companies, you are leveraging economies of scale. Doing so can save you a significant amount of money, especially in the long term. You can then use the extra funds to further invest in your business and improve your bottom line. A back office BPO can truly help you with that, and then some. 

Improvement in efficiency and productivity
Administrative tasks like encoding, for example, can be repetitive and draining. Although necessary, such activities aren’t exactly enriching and can wear your employees down. Given this, why spend so much time and effort on something that a back office BPO can properly handle? By delegating these mundane tasks to a back office call center, you and your workforce can prioritize more complex and fruitful initiatives, such as planning your go-to-market, organizing events, and enhancing your customer experience.

Specialized expertise
Back office outsourcing companies have mastered the ins and outs of back office solutions. They have specialists for each field and have dedicated tools you don’t have to spend on. By working with a back office BPO, you will be able to tap their technology and expertise—which could cost you a long time to develop if done in-house. Back office outsourcing companies could also advise you on technical requirements such as legal compliance and government regulations.

Handling the back office on your own can definitely be challenging. Outsourcing is a great solution, but you will need to find the right partner. To get consistency, you must choose a third-party provider that is not just experienced in back office services but equipped with the right technology and highly-specialized people.

You + Us: A Back Office Solutions Partnership You Can Trust

One of our clients, an online wholesale marketplace that connects retailers with independent brands and artisans, was looking for a seasoned partner to:

  • Swiftly and smoothly ramp up the training process
  • Successfully hire excellent talent across nine languages
  • Translate raw data files and structure this data onto their eCommerce platform in nine different languages
  • Properly categorize all products acrosst the platform
  • Offer flexible, customer support solutions across their digital channels

Our unique and strategic approach resulted in:


increase in throughput


cost-savings on time and manpower


growth in 6 months

Expansion to 9 languages and customer-facing work across 2 locations within the first 6 months

Our services, consisting of Digital Customer Experience, Trust + Safety, AI Services, and Risk + Response, Consulting, and Learning Experience Solutions are perfected to provide necessary back office solutions to help your business from the inside out.

While back office support functions are not directly related to customer support, they do enhance customer experience. We work closely with our partners to help them thrive and strive to provide the best experience proactively to drive brand evangelists.We are the back office solutions partner you can trust.

Recognized by the Everest Group as the World’s Fastest Business Process (outsourcing) Service Provider, TaskUs is committed to providing back office solutions that drive growth. We designed swift and seamless training structure to improve Ramp to Proficiency especially or multilingual support. We also created an Inventory Management Dashboard, verification catalog, and a defined daily workflow to track compliance.

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