Above Speed and Beyond Quality: Developing Proactive Solutions for Game Launches and High Customer Volume

Published on June 21, 2022
Last Updated on June 21, 2022

At the core of every gaming customer service strategy is to provide quick, effective, and seamless assistance in every aspect of play—from account management, in-game issues, and everything in between. New launches and updates are especially prone to disrupting or discouraging gamers, especially those new to the experience, if support is not readily available or issues are not properly solved.

The Challenge

During our initial discovery engagement, a world-leading Japanese video game developer was unsure of their contact center volumes due to their inexperience in gathering data. Our workforce management team leveraged our best practices from similar campaigns to forecast volume, especially during game launches and updates.

When the client launched the latest version of their biggest game, TaskUs designed a launch plan based on our best practices supporting a similar campaign. Teammates of this campaign are cross-skilled between games as well to address any spikes in volumes or attrition.

The Solution

Our Learning Experience team immediately got on board to identify the ideal hiring profile through internal assessments to gauge if they are tech-savvy, can do process elimination, have the critical thinking, can go outside canned replies (thinking out of the box), and are not just gaming enthusiasts. With the right profile in place, they designed a learning path to address each Teammate’s weak points for them to be either gaming experts or troubleshooters, reducing the learning curve from 4 weeks to 2 weeks.

The Results

With TaskUs’ agility and proactive solutions, we were able to exceed the client’s expectations. We have reduced the average handling time to half, enabling Us to respond to more inquiries and concerns.

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Kaitlyn White
Dir, Gaming