• Collect + Annotate Data
    for Generative AI

    RLHF for Generative AI + LLM development

  • Collect + Annotate Data
    for Generative AI

    RLHF for Generative AI + LLM development

  • Collect + Annotate Data
    for Generative AI

    RLHF for Generative AI + LLM development

  • Collect + Annotate Data
    for Generative AI

    RLHF for Generative AI + LLM development

Faster. Smarter. Better.

TaskUs is your partner in building groundbreaking Generative AI models.

Generative AI models are driven by enormous domain-specific data samples, and it’s our job at TaskUs to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. With over a decade of expertise, we’ve been aligning with top AI developers, research companies, and major social media platforms to craft intelligent, responsive machine learning systems.

Our highly-skilled Teammates don’t just collect and label training data. They also enhance datasets, refine algorithms, and provide comprehensive, end-to-end support for models in the field. From initial launch to continued maintenance and optimization, we ensure AI systems stay effective, agile, and precise.


Perform data collection, annotation, and evaluation to improve the capabilities of Generative AI models.


Protect users, sellers, merchants, and creators with Generative AI solutions for compliance and safety.


Scale CX headcount, processes, and technical infrastructure by integrating Generative AI into your operations.

Holistic Support At Every Development Stage

  • Supervised Learning Training Data
    Expert capability: Leverage human experts to teach the system how to respond accurately.

    Safety: Teach the system to answer in a safe manner to inappropriate prompts.
  • Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)
    Response Scoring: Leverage human feedback to score and categorize text, image, audio, and video content.

    Response Ranking: Evaluate and rank multiple prompt-generation responses.
  • Testing and Evaluation
    Evaluate generative AI model performance across markets, languages and domains:

    Content Moderation: Flagging and removal of harmful text and visual content generated by a model.

    Adversarial Testing: Red Teaming to identify undesired behavior, biases, and jailbreaks.
  • Operational Support in Production
    Perform real-time operational support for Generative AI models in production:

    Classifier Training: Annotate data for human input and model output.

    Human Review: Perform verification and confirmation to support model classifiers
Services for Generative AI


video labeling
Supervised Learning
Collect, create, or curate prompt and generation pairs to form the basis of your Generative AI model.
video annotation services
Adversarial Testing
Employ Red Teaming workflows to identify undesired behavior, biases, and jailbreaks.
computer vision video
Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)
Rank and score prompt-generation pairs from various models to align with human knowledge and values.


video labeling
Content Moderation
Flag and remove harmful text and visual content generated by your model.
video annotation services
Trust + Safety Consulting
Employ best practices for Trust + Safety guidelines, policies, tools, and best practices.
computer vision video
Classifier Review
Conduct ongoing human verification and confirmation to support classifiers.


video labeling
Customer Support
Provide world-class customer support to all of your users, regardless of their language or geographic market.
video annotation services
Digital Innovation
Create Generative AI-powered apps and integrations to increase speed and efficiency.

Global Community of Experts

TaskUs has thousands of in-house experts and a global community of over 230,000+ to tackle your most challenging needs.

We can quickly recruit specialists across expertise categories including mathematics, programming, copywriting, and more.


Years of experience


Taskers via TaskVerse

1,000 PhDs 13,000 Master’s Degrees 9,000 Biologists 6,000 Chemists 6,000 Physicists 35,000 Computer Scientists 11,000 Medical Experts 4,000 Sociologists 11,000 Economists 8,000 Creative Writers 6,500 Mathematicians 4,000 Financial Experts 9,000 Psychologists


Average QA score in all data-related operations


Global Clients

Proof of Excellence: Case Studies for Generative AI

  • Prompt Engineering & Adversarial Testing
    for a LLM
    We train the LLM for a leading AI company to produce “Safe Completions” of sensitive content language prompts.
    • Rewrite machine-generated output to be safe.
    • Review 14 different categories of sensitive including hate speech, sexual, political, harmful content, and adversarial content.
    • 14 Categories
      of harmful

    • 85,000+
      items reviewed and fixed to date

    • 93% Pass Rate
      vs. a target
      of 90%

  • Prompt & Output Review for an Image Generation Model
    We provide content moderation for a leading AI company, taking action to remove bad actors that egregiously violate terms of service.
    • Label user generated text and image prompts & moderation of image responses.
    • From training to full productivity within 3 weeks and 5 new policies added as a result of high-performance.
    • Support highly nuanced policy guidelines, including introducing a sliding “matrix of severity” scale with Partner.
    • 10 Policies
      for both text
      & image

    • 550,000+

    • 98% Accuracy
      vs. a target
      of 90%

  • Output Creation (Human Response Writing)
    & RLHF
    We provide annotators for a leading social media company who free write, rate and rank responses to prompts requiring specific domain expertise.
    • Leverage in-house recruiting resources across our global network, and TaskVerse-based community experts.
    • Recruit for 40 different expertise categories including mathematics, programming, and adversarial content, people with copywriting skills.
    • 40 Categories
      of expert

    • 2 Weeks
      custom training
      for new hires

    • 2,500
      Teammates & Taskers recruited

    Data Solutions for Generative AI


    Generative AI
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