Pride Month 2023: TaskUs Advances LGBTQIA+ Issues Through Solidarity

A lot of events are associated with the month of June—weddings, summer solstice, Father’s Day, to name a few. For TaskUs, June would not be complete without celebrating Pride.

Inspired by the global theme “Strength in Solidarity,” TaskUs celebrated Pride Month 2023 by participating in different company- and community-led projects around the globe in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

But do these activities really matter for businesses? The short answer is absolutely yes.  

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Employees

Research indicates that a low percentage of LGBTQIA+ workers believe that their employer values their welfare. Despite advocacy from queer employees, companies should prioritize addressing these concerns. Gallup, an analytics company, suggests that investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives is key, as employees who feel included are more likely to be engaged.


As a BPO company that advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion, TaskUs employs policies and activities supporting members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We’re showing our teammates that at TaskUs, they have an ally and they’re not alone in the fight for equity,” said Philip del Rosario, TaskUs’ Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager said. “That’s what ‘Strength in Solidarity’ is all about–working together to creating a more inclusive future.”

So what’s the first step to show true allyship? For TaskUs, it is to celebrate its queer teammates.

For Pride Month 2023, TaskUs designed a Pride-themed photo frame and virtual call background for employees to use on their personal and corporate online accounts. The company encouraged employees in all locations to dress in rainbow colors, listen to a Pride music playlist, participate in in-house pageants that are open to everyone regardless of their identity, and attend gender sensitization training sessions organized by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Wellness + Resiliency departments to increase awareness and promote interactivity.

Through these different initiatives, Teammates had more opportunities to express and celebrate their true selves. To demonstrate solidarity, employees changed their profile pictures together on June 9, adding colorful rainbows to the internet.

TaskUs’ Pride-themed photo frames, virtual meetings backgrounds, and special photoshoot with queer and ally employees.

TaskUs also supports its employees beyond just the office walls. This includes recognizing and celebrating their passions and purposes outside of work, such as Engagement and Experience Manager EJ Gonzales’ identity as the drag queen “Buknoy.”

TaskUs asks its teammates what makes them proud and how they can show strength in solidarity.

Strength in Numbers

The highlight of each Pride Month celebration around the world are various Pride marches.

In Cali, Colombia, TaskUs employees paraded their float through the streets. In New Braunfels, Texas, teammates handed out refreshments to allies and community members.

In the Philippines, Pride Month 2023 was particularly significant as it marked the company’s first Pride march since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. This year, Drag Den Queens Shewarma, O-A, and Aries Night joined hundreds of TaskUs teammates who marched in Makati City. 

TaskUs employees joined different Pride Marches in their own geos (top to bottom: US, Colombia, Philippines). The Pride March in the Philippines was graced by Drag Den Queens.

Making a Commitment

TaskUs’ commitment to stand with its LGBTQIA+ employees worldwide goes well beyond participating in Pride celebrations 2023.

“Our allyship and support transcends mere marketing,” said Victoria Alcachupas, TaskUs DVP of Integrated Marketing. “Diversity and inclusivity are integral to TaskUs’ DNA since the beginning. We strive to create a safe space for our LGBTQIA+ teammates, we listen, and provide them benefits that other companies do not typically have such as HMO and life insurance benefits that cover same-sex partners.”

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Aside from inclusive health care benefits for employees, TaskUs also has all-gender restrooms and sleeping quarters in certain locations. Globally, employees are encouraged to update their pronouns at work through company announcements and learning courses, promoting a respectful work environment.

The company is committed to creating a diverse workforce, with women making up 51% of employees and 47% of leadership positions worldwide.

Because of its continuous efforts to further the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion, TaskUs received the Best CEOs for Diversity and Best CEOs for Women Awards by Comparably in 2023 and was named the Fastest-Growing Service Provider by the Everest Group in 2022.  TaskUs is also a member of the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. In the Philippines, TaskUs is certified as a Great Place to Work (2022).

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