Queue Management

Queue Management is the process of managing and optimizing queues to improve end-user waiting times and teammate productivity.

At TaskUs, one way that we manage queues is through the use of interactive voice response (IVR) telephony technology. IVR reads and interprets a combination of user-generated touch tone and voice input to access a business’s databases and return the appropriate information to the caller.

TaskUs also strengthens its queue management using asynchronous messaging. This communication method directs an end user’s message into a queue but does not require an immediate response to move forward with processing. Asynchronous messaging examples include such channels as email and SMS messaging.

When the queue is stressed, TaskUs sorts tickets by commonly used phrases so that we can lump all similar questions together, answer once, and then, erase the entire group of tickets at once. Another way is that TaskUs can sort by the importance of the customer (high-value users will receive responses first). TaskUs’s average resolution time for email support is 1-4 minutes, and we answer over 4 million emails a month.

For one of TaskUs’s clients, we employed email Queue Management techniques to great success. It had a backlog of 40,000 email tickets. Our expertise in Queue Management enabled us to work with this new client, who did not have a knowledge base, reporting, macros, tags, or a Queue Management strategy in place, and cleared the lot within two weeks of launch!