Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base (aka Knowledge Management System or KMS) is a repository tool to hold a business’s information that end-users can access to research and retrieve answers related to data, materials and a wide assortment of questions.

A Knowledge Base case is internally facing for customer service representatives use or externally facing as a public information portal. In both instances, the goal is the same—to share readily available information quickly with the user. For teammates, this improves efficiency; and for customers, this equips them with a self-service tool to resolve his or her questions without the need for a support contact.

TaskUs has the capabilities to overhaul completely and rewrite a client’s Knowledge Base.

For instance, when working with one client, we found that there were a significant number of old articles in its Knowledge Base due to frequent changes to its policies and processes.

TaskUs proactively re-wrote the articles and revised the client’s entire Knowledge Base which significantly increased the use of its self-serve tool and improved the efficiency of its teammates. The KMS is viewed internally by its teammates and externally on its website.