ONE News talks about TaskUs’s voter education campaign featuring actress Kat Galang

Published on October 21, 2021

In a recent interview with ONE News, popular indie actress and social media personality Kat Galang briefly discussed TaskUs’s voter education campaign published on the company’s official social media pages. The series of short online videos aims to educate and encourage the youth, especially eligible first-time voters, to register and vote for the upcoming 2022 elections. 

“I hope this collaboration with TaskUs encourages more people to register for the upcoming elections,” Galang stressed during the October 15 interview. She also reiterated that the voter registration extension is a perfect opportunity for those who have not yet registered. 

ONE News also commended the campaign and expressed that its impact will “go beyond” the elections. 

Efforts like this show the kind of employer TaskUs is: informed, progressive, and socially responsible. 

“One of TaskUs’s core values is Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself. Our teammates go to work confident that what they do creates a positive impact. We want them to know their vote can be a catalyst for change too,” said Victoria Alcachupas, TaskUs Vice President of Business Development, People Branding, Corporate Marketing & Global Communications in an article published on the company’s website. “This is the same message we want to tell the youth through this campaign: every single vote can make a big difference. Voting is important and it makes them heroes in their own right.”

TaskUs’s voter education campaign is perceived to reach more people as the registration for the upcoming elections is extended until October 30. 

The series of online videos can be viewed on TaskUs’s official social media pages:


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