‘Kat Kat Kagalang-galang’ reminds youth that change starts with Us

What is the deal with the elections? How does my singular vote matter? Am I eligible to vote? How do I register?

These are just some of the questions the youth, especially eligible first-time voters, may have about the upcoming national elections. And they are valid. That’s why TaskUs, a provider of outsourced digital services and customer experience, produced an online series featuring actress Kat Galang. She plays the role of “Kat Kat Kagalang-galang,” a witty and woke millennial who encourages the youth to become a registered voter for next year’s polls.
In a series of online videos on TaskUs’s official social media pages, Kat Kat Kagalang-galang informs the youth about prevailing social realities and their important role as citizens of the Philippines. The videos will also demonstrate the ease of registering to become a voter.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) said that they have already recorded more than 4.3 million first-time voters as of August this year, higher than its 4 million target. And of the over 60 million registered voters, more than half or 39 million are Filipinos aged 18 to 35.

“The youth hold so much power in their hands. If we come together and do our part as members of society, we will realize our significant part in nation-building,” Galang said. “I am very excited about this voter’s education project with TaskUs. This is the kind of message that I also personally want to convey to my countrymen.”

TaskUs introduces Kat Kat Kagalang-galang, the witty and woke millennial who encourages the youth to become registered voters for next year’s polls.

As a huge portion of the registration process can now be done online, the series emphasizes that there is no reason for the youth to miss registering to vote. A detailed, step-by-step guide to become a registered voter is also part of the series. 

Aside from voter education, the series will also show the kind of employer that TaskUs is: informed, progressive, and socially responsible. 

“One of TaskUs’s core values is Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself. Our teammates go to work confident that what they do creates a positive impact. We want them to know their vote can be a catalyst for change too,” said Victoria Alcachupas, TaskUs Vice President of Business Development, People Branding, Corporate Marketing & Global Communications. “This is the same message we want to tell the youth through this campaign: every single vote can make a big difference. Voting is important and it makes them heroes in their own right.”

The series of online videos can be viewed throughout the month of September—the last month for registration—on TaskUs’s official social media pages: