Daily Tribune highlights TaskUs’ global RTO, ‘You+Us’ campaign

Published on August 12, 2022

Philippine broadsheet Daily Tribune highlighted TaskUs’ series of events to celebrate its teammates' safe return to the office. The first of the series was the successful concert of the pop-rock band the juans held at TaskUs' site in Batangas, Atlantis, last August 6. 

The same article also noted howTaskUs had been rigorously complying with government mandates worldwide in safely shifting its teammates' work back to the site. 

Further, the feature emphasized TaskUs’ secret formula for success, "You+Us". A branding campaign, the formula shows how TaskUs can effectively support its clients' ever-growing demands by investing in its teammates amid the global economic climate.

“We believe that teamwork, partnership, and trust are what the company, our people, clients, and communities across the globe need to successfully navigate through uncertainties and come out stronger,” TaskUs' Chief Operating Officer Stephan Daoust was quoted in the article. “TaskUs will not be possible without you. As our brand campaign suggests, You will always be the foundation of our success.”

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