Empowering Computer Vision: A Guide to Image Labeling Services

Learn why image labeling services are important in traversing today’s digital world.

Published on November 15, 2022
Last Updated on November 15, 2022

In 2021, the global data collection and labeling industry ramped up to USD 1.67 billion in value, with the image and video labeling services taking up the majority of revenue share at 35%.1 This can be attributed to the rise of image labeling services in different industries like automotive, healthcare, media, entertainment, and eCommerce.

Image labeling is key to developing functional computer vision applications. Experienced image labeling service providers allow machine learning teams to scale their training data programs easily; their services have garnered great importance and prominence across nearly all global industries.

What are image labeling services?

In simple terms, image labeling is a data annotation model that combines human data labeling and machine learning to help get data organized, clean, accurately tagged, and ready for analysis.

Tech-enabled companies offer image labeling services to their clients in order to best quantify, organize, and label their images to be used in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning development. It’s increasingly becoming a lucrative service, all thanks to the rapid tech advancement of machine learning.2

Common types of image labeling services

Image labeling allows you to organize your images into groups of similar content. Data annotators categorize types of image labeling to assist clients in choosing the service that they need. Here are a few examples of common image labeling services:


Key Point Annotation. Also known as pose and landmark recognition, this image labeling type lets models capture the finest details in small objects and shapes. Data annotation experts use key points to connect the object and track its movement. This image labeling service is commonly used in AI facial recognition, posture recognition for alternative (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, sign language transcription, and even robotic-assisted surgery.


Bounding Boxes. This type of image labeling uses digital rectangles to determine object position with x and y coordinates. Bounding boxes are commonly used in object determination for self-driving cars, auto-tagging products for optimizing eCommerce search experience, image detection for drone imagery, and even monitoring plant growth in agricultural farms.


Polygon Annotation. Modern image labeling services handle irregularly formed images and objects with highly-flexible polygons for a more accurate depiction. It’s commonly used for aerial mapping views of natural and artificial bodies of water, sidewalks, road edges, and more. In medical technology, polygon annotation is used to outline internal organs in CT scans.

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Factors that affect the cost of image labeling services

Two main factors affect the cost of image labeling services that you’re looking for:

  • Complexity. The amount of data required for a process can make it harder or easier to complete. For instance, a simple image labeling project won’t take much time, but projects that include machine learning on top of data labeling may require much more labor and require higher-level analysis.
  • Volume. The other factor that affects the cost of image labeling services is the quantity. If there are a lot of images and data to be labeled, the amount of time required to complete increases as more high-quality data gets added.

The benefits of outsourcing image labeling services

Image labeling is a process that can be tedious and time-consuming. Instead, most companies can opt to have the service outsourced, making it an excellent opportunity for companies to cut costs, time, and errors concerning their image labeling needs.

  • Around-the-clock operations. Aside from the massive amount of images that must be labeled and supervised, there must be continuous training to stay relevant and up-to-date with global changes. Outsourcing image labeling can keep your tech projects working around the clock while you spend more time on other core operations.  
  • Reduce overall costs. If you’re looking for ways to save on costs without sacrificing quality or service, look no further than outsourcing your image labeling services. Your outsourcing partner will be responsible for providing you with all relevant and field-proven staff, tools, and space, minimizing your overall expenses.
  • Work with seasoned professionals. When you outsource image labeling, you work with experienced data labeling professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge tech and an updated knowledge base in the tech-development space. You can rely on them to deliver quality results within your timeline.

Whether you are looking for cost-effective and innovative solutions to your image-labeling projects, outsourcing partners can provide you with options best fit your budget and requirements. 

Picking an image labeling partner

The right image labeling partner for your business understands what you need. Whether you’re looking to use the service as a one-off or as a long-term solution, it’s important to know what you’re looking for:

Unmatchable experience.  Data and image labeling projects are sensitive enough to warrant a partner company with a proven track record. Projects like these need to be handled by people with vast experience and expertise in image handling, tagging, and annotation. After all, only a human can effectively and accurately train a machine.

Image labeling services require specific skillsets, deadset accuracy, and attention to detail to guarantee human error-free outputs. Experienced service providers will have failsafe procedures in place should the labeling system detect human error. Minor mishaps in projects may cause severe implications for the project in the long run.

Constantly delivers high-quality work. There are plenty of companies out there ready to help you label images and data but only so many can offer quality services at reasonable prices while still meeting their customers’ needs. High-quality work also comes with an open communication channel should problems arise or they have insights on making the process more efficient and productive. 

Cutting-edge data security systems. With cyberattacks and security breaches happening every day, your company must invest and partner with a service provider that ensures the security of the information they handle. Place regulations and compliance systems to guarantee data integrity throughout both organizations.

Values diversity and inclusion. It’s crucial to partner with a service provider that promotes diversity and inclusion within their organization and the services they provide. It’s essential to process data—images, videos, audios—without any biases that may interfere with the labeling process. 

Discrimination can be avoided by having a diverse workplace team supervising the image labeling process.

Evaluating service providers is crucial since your chosen organization will handle your image labeling projects from start to finish. Selecting a partner who shares your company’s values and can help you achieve your objectives is critical.

Image labeling outsourcing at TaskUs

By utilizing our decades’ worth of knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge technology, TaskUs is  able to support image labeling for the most prominent names across different industries. We’ve even paved the way for the world’s safest driverless car by utilizing the synergy between AI services and the human touch. 

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