• Superhuman Outsourcing
    Through Generative AI

    Integrate Generative AI technology into your workforce operations

Increase Flexibility,
Efficiency, and Speed

Maximize staffing flexibility with gig workers and our digital tools for faster proficiency and accurate results.

Improve Overall

Increase Teammate effectiveness, productivity, and accuracy through technology augmentation.

Reduce Customer
Care Costs

Reduce operating expenses through access to additional talent pools that can perform higher level tasks when augmented by GenerativeAI.

Introducing TaskGPT:
GPT-Powered Tools to Maximize CX

TaskGPT is our world-class suite of custom-built solutions fueled by the impressive power of natural language tools. Integrating TaskGPT into standard workflows empowers businesses and Teammates to operate faster and more effectively by reducing manual work and risk of errors.
How TaskGPT Superpowers Our Teammates
TaskUs offers a powerful suite of Generative AI enabled CX features.
  • Pop-up chat application that offers data-driven chat insights and intuitive chat response suggestions to agents in real time
  • Pre-trained chatbot that helps agents provide more personalized responses by leveraging existing knowledge and historical customer data
  • Chat-based intelligent document search for knowledge retrieval from PDFs and other internal documents
  • Email support integration that helps Teammates manage customer emails more efficiently with clear and empathetic response templates
  • Zendesk and other CRMs have integrations that assist with response clarity and tone for better customer communication
  • Custom application to speed up the content creation process with Generative AI.
  • This app offers simple and accessible training materials for teammates, including onboarding docs and knowledge bases.

Proof of Excellence:
Case Studies for Generative AI

  • CX Process Improvement for
    a FinTech Company
    We developed a GPT-powered web browser extension to improve CSAT, AHT, and efficiency for a leading FinTech Client.
    • Assist Teammates with grammar checks, auto-complete, and suggested responses or snippets for voice and chat support.
    • Enable Teammates to craft more personalized, industry-specific and accurate responses based on the client’s existing knowledge base and historical intents.
    • Decrease average handling time by 6% in the first 2 months of the project.
    • 30 Teammates
      Using TaskGPT

    • 25,000+
      queries processed in TaskGPT

    • 6% Decrease
      in Chat AHT

  • Workflow Optimization for
    a Personal Assistant Company
    We developed a GPT-powered writing editor and transformer to elevate Teammate performance and unlock lower cost labor pools in new markets.
    • Transform Teammate inputs and ensure alignment with client requirements for writing style and tone with perfect grammar
    • Enable use of offshore Teammates to complete the work with transformation to native language outputs
    • Full workflow integration into gig worker platform: ease of flexible staffing model
    • 48%
      Reduction in
      per task cost

    • B2 to C2

    Our Awards

    • Best CEO for Diversity –
      Bryce Maddock, CEO, TaskUs
    • Best CEO for Women –
      Bryce Maddock, CEO, TaskUs
    • Best Company for Career Growth
    • Best Leadership Teams
    • Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces list for
      EMEA in 2022 (#27)
    • 2022 Inspiring Workplaces Awards – EMEA (Finalist)
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