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    Jamboree — Gurugram, India

    Smart City.
    Incredible Talent.
Jamboree boasts TaskUs’ state-of-the-art training rooms, and production floors—all designed to provide a world-class employee experience. In addition to the fun Jumanji jungle-themed facilities, TaskUs Gurugram employees can take advantage of the company’s award-winning wellness programs and inclusive benefits, enabling them to perform at their best.
Gurugram has quickly emerged as the world’s top 3 global outsourcing destinations.

TaskUs Gurugram takes advantage of the city’s incredible talent pool, which includes a diverse workforce with FinTech skills and proficiency in various languages. Jamboree is the ideal place to outsource and grow your business with our broad range of human-led, AI-backed services.

Entrance Lobby

Training Room




Interview Pod

Recreational Area



Square feet


Gaming Area

Reimagining, Redefining, and
Reinvigorating the Workplace

Worry-free Concrete Jungle

TaskUs is committed to creating the best employee experience. Jamboree provides a refreshing atmosphere and innovative work areas, along with benefits that support your well-being. You can trust that we have your best interests in mind while you are with Us.

Tech Savvy and Multilingual

Our operations center leverages the best-known talent of India’s financial and technology hub. Our multilingual team of experts specialize in various services, including anti-money laundering and content and catalog moderation.
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