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    Secured Excellence

    Ensure your customers’ satisfaction, safety, and security through dynamic digital solutions, reliable risk-and-control frameworks, and world-class frontline expertise.

Fostering Brand Loyalty,
Trust, and Security

TaskUs provides world-class DCX, Fraud Detection and Prevention, and All-Around Consulting in the global FinTech Space.

We’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries in terms of speed, security, and support. We prioritize the customer’s experience by leveraging smart data, optimizing operational processes, and providing AI-powered solutions. We power the most disruptive and trusted brands in the world to keep users safe and, of course, invested.

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Digital Customer

Achieve long-lasting brand loyalty and unmatched value through industry-leading, digital customer care.

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Fraud Detection
& Prevention

Protect your customers’ identity, privacy, and investments through leading technologies and transaction monitoring processes.

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Develop comprehensive, impactful, and digital customer strategies tailor-fit to your business objectives, growth plans, and customer platforms.

Our Industry Expertise
Secure Operations.
Effective UX.
Digital Banking
We provide banks and digital platforms with innovative and secure solutions that match your brand’s objectives and customer needs.

We provide:
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Funding Solutions
  • Payments Screening
  • Chargeback Services
  • Business Transaction Monitoring
Cryptocurrency & NFT

We create safe, speedy, and reliable experiences for Crypto & NFT communities, protecting the interests of both investors and artists alike.

We provide:

  • 24/7 Blended Voice, Chat, Email, and In-App Support
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring
  • Social Media Scraping and content moderation
We deliver industry-leading policy development, workflow, and enforcement strategies to secure your customers’ online payments and transactions.

We provide:
  • 24/7 Blended Voice, Chat, Email, and In-App Support
  • Payments Screening
  • Dispute Intake and Resolution
  • Complex, Real-Time Technical Support
We leverage big data to streamline operations and study emerging trends, leading to both higher profits and happier customers

We provide:
  • 24/7 Blended Voice, Chat, Email, and In-App Support
  • KYC and KYB research
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
We design user experiences from the ground up with both emerging and established BNPL providers.

We provide:
  • 24/7 Blended Voice, Chat, Email, and In-App Support
  • Merchant Dispute Intake and Resolution
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
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Digital Customer Experience
Crowning the Customer as King

Serve the globally-connected investor, merchant, customer, and member across whatever time zone, mobile device, or digital channel they prefer on a global scale.

With our multilingual industry experts, leading AI solutions, and global reach, we succeed in giving your customers the service, security, and satisfaction that they deserve.

Globally Savvy SMEs

Leverage industry-leading experts to address and solve your customers’ most pressing issues efficiently and thoroughly.

Effective AI Technologies

Apply our proprietary, field-tested Machine Learning and AI solutions to enhance the speed, quality, and efficacy of your frontline team.

Global Ops

Experience our Follow-the-Sun operational model as we draw from the expertise of the entire TaskUs network to support your customers.
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Fraud Prevention and Detection
What Matters
Ensure the safety, integrity, and privacy of your customers in an exponentially-growing online environment vulnerable to fraud, theft, and exploitation.

Leverage our commitment to online safety and security with our tooling expertise, compliance processes, security standards, and proactive, people-first measures to continuously stay ahead of those wishing to do harm to your brand and customer base.

Systems and Tooling Mastery

Utilize our evolving suite of tools and AI systems that examine patterns that ultimately lead to fraud, as well as halt it in its tracks.

Commitment to Security Standards

Find confidence in our certifications and commitment to PCI DSS and SOC 2 standards to protect your customers’ data, assets, and identity.

Meticulous Frontline Measures

Take advantage of our highly-trained Teammates as they diligently monitor and examine real-time transactions for suspicious activity.
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All-Around Consulting
Empowering Your Frontline
Develop comprehensive and impactful customer strategies that put you ahead of the competition in terms of brand recognition, growth, and of course, customer experience.

With our global team of Training, Consulting, and FinTech experts, we address your key business challenges, opportunities, and objectives to provide defined and effective solutions across people, process, and technology.

Operational Excellence and Experience

We effectively manage your Teammates continuous upskilling – all while creating the best locations and infrastructure around them.

Talent Enablement and Learning

We shape your Teammates to be genuine partners, experts, and even consultants who fully cater to every unique customer’s need.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure
and Tech

We utilize the latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to continuously elevate CX in terms of quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Proof of Excellence

Success From Scratch
How we fully supported a client’s rapid growth plans from the ground up in the height of the pandemic despite their in-house issues.
From Awful to Awesome
How we repaired, revitalized, scaled, and sustained a client’s CX Operations from a disastrous partnership with a former outsourcer.
Accuracy, Speed, and Security
How we utilized our innovation mindset and proprietary tools and systems to maximize a client’s operations from a W@H environment.
  • Lisa Kelly
    Vice President Business Development

    FinTech companies have provided the model for customer-oriented solutions. Financial products are available to more people than ever before through innovative, accessible tech solutions. As access increases, so does the need for effective customer support.

    TaskUs has built a deep expertise in the services that FinTechs need, leveraging its expertise to provide innovative solutions, agility, and flexibility to our clients. We support the many faces of FinTech, including digital banking, cryptocurrency, payments, investing, and lending. We help our clients achieve high levels of customer satisfaction across channels with our Digital Customer Experience offering. We protect their customers and their brand through our Fraud Prevention and Compliance Ops (KYC, AML, etc.) capabilities.

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