From Cash to Mobile: The Disruptive Impact of Money Transfer Apps

Money transfer apps have completely disrupted the fintech services landscape, and we all should be ready for more

Published on March 3, 2023
Last Updated on December 13, 2023

No one misses the days when money transfers required standing in long lines, filling out paperwork, and waiting for days on end for the transfer to go through. Thanks to today’s technology—Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, in particular—all it takes is just a few taps on a smartphone to send money immediately to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

But it’s not just about convenience. Before mobile payments, ACH payments often came with high fees, unfavorable exchange rates, and hidden charges. These caveats are true for both bank and non-bank services. For most families, receiving money from their migrant relatives is nothing short of a lifeline, so when digital payments introduced its services with minimal fees, ease of accessibility, and increased security, money transfers radically changed for the better. How? Here are some ways digital payments has significantly impacted the financial services landscape:

  • More for all: Increased access to financial services
    FinTech companies have made financial services more accessible to a broader range of people, including those who were unbanked or underbanked. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can access any payment method.
  • Tap magic: Improved customer experience
    Remittance FinTech companies are centering their product designs around convenience and user-friendliness to increase customer engagement and loyalty. They are also using the power of AI and blockchain to automate processes, reduce costs, and ultimately boost the efficiency of their services.
  • Mobile money mania: Development of new products and services
    Peer-to-peer lending, digital wallets, and embedded finance are just a few of the products and services that FinTech companies have introduced to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses.
  • Business be abuzz: Increase in competition
    FinTech companies have introduced new competition to the financial services industry by providing alternative options to traditional financial institutions. The increase in mobile payments has led to a greater variety of choices for consumers and has pushed traditional financial institutions to adapt and improve their overall customer experience in order to retain their user base and compete with the market.
  • A pocketable Fort Knox: Improved security and compliance
    FinTech companies have implemented cutting-edge technologies to improve security and compliance with regulations, protecting users and financial institutions from all kinds of financial crime. Some of these solutions include encryption, two-factor authentication, and biometric login options. FinTech companies also take advantage of Big Data to extract vital insights about every customer transaction, which ultimately helps detect any possible illicit activities. As a result, consumer trust in digital financial services increased.

The rise of mobile payments has undeniably benefited consumers, leading to more convenient, accessible, and secure experiences for users. With the continued growth and development of FinTech’s finest innovations, we can expect to see even better money transfer solutions in the future.

From Cash to Mobile: The Power of Mobile Payments

Is the world ready to say goodbye to cash, coins, and credit cards?

The growth of the mobile banking sector is so rapid that by 2026, more than half of the global population is expected to be using digital methods.

  • 1 in 3 consumers switched from cash to digital payments for the first time. 49% said they preferred contactless transactions since the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In 2021, about $1 trillion3 in money transfer apps were made as people increasingly sent and received money, made in-store and online purchases, took out loans, or sent money overseas.
  • Transaction volumes for mobile payments are expected to grow from 26 billion in 2021 to 49 billion in 2023, representing a massive growth of 92%.
  • With embedded finance’s emergence, younger generations increasingly prefer to buy now, pay later (BNPL) to credit cards. BNPL transactions are expected to reach around $576 billion by 2026.

The financial services industry seems to be in agreement: FinTech remittance companies are the MVP of the financial services revolution. However, keeping up with the increasingly competitive landscape can be an overwhelming, complicated, and time-consuming affair.

FinTech companies need to stay on top of financial services challenges: maintaining ever-changing regulatory compliance, meeting rising customer demands, and fighting privacy and security threats. If financial organizations want to stay in the game, they need to find a way to adopt disruptive innovations.

The TaskUs Blueprint: Reshaping FinTech Outsourcing

The FinTech era may look like a behemoth of a challenge to tackle. On top of it all, constantly adapting to changes and regulations has become the new normal for businesses across all industries. While there are many ways to keep up with rapid changes and thrive, one of the most reliable ways to stay competitive is to partner with someone who knows what to do and how to do it Ridiculously Well.

Fortunately, you have Us. Here are just a few ways we help navigate our partners through common obstacles in the sector:

We’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries in terms of speed, security, and support. We power the most disruptive and trusted brands in the world to keep users safe and, of course, invested through exceptional FinTech solutions.

Digital Customer Experience: Crowning the Customer as King

Serving the globally-connected investor, merchant, customer, and member across whatever time zone, mobile device, or digital channel they prefer on a global scale.

With our multilingual industry experts, leading AI solutions, and global reach, we succeed in giving your customers the service, security, and satisfaction that they deserve.

Fraud Detection & Prevention: Safeguarding What Matters

Ensuring the safety, integrity, and privacy of your customers in an exponentially-growing online environment vulnerable to fraud, theft, and exploitation.

Leveraging our commitment to online safety and security with our tooling expertise, compliance processes, security standards, and proactive, people-first measures to continuously stay ahead of those wishing to do harm to your brand and customer base.

All-Around Consulting: Empowering Your Frontline

Developing comprehensive and impactful customer strategies that put you ahead of the competition in terms of brand recognition, growth, and of course, customer experience.

With our global team of Training, Consulting, and FinTech experts, we address your key business challenges, opportunities, and objectives to provide defined and effective solutions across people, process, and technology.

Providing Premium Support for Global Expansion

As a US Premium FinTech B2B Credit Card issuer grew and was becoming more of a global company, they looked to penetrate more markets like the European market. They particularly want to target “higher spend” customers, and need a dedicated team to support this and provide faster solutions, thus hitting higher CSAT targets.

TaskUs built and launched a White Glove Team out of Greece to provide “priority support” or support to the client’s high spend customers. They did not only focus on new clients but also on selling more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products so that they could create new revenue streams. This team from Greece has a relatively more specialized skill set than our team in Tijuana, Mexico.

To ensure our White Glove Team was ready for the tall order, we redefined our Recruitment process in terms of language assessment, making sure we get only the right fit for the client’s unique demands and needs.

Specialized & Secure FinTech Money Transfers

TaskUs has built a deep expertise in digital payments, leveraging its expertise to provide bespoke solutions to support FinTechs on anything–from customer experience, to fraud prevention, to compliance. No problem will be left unanswered by Us.

Recognized by the Everest Group as the World’s Fastest Business Process (outsourcing) Service Provider and highly rated in the Gartner Peer Insights Review, TaskUs is more than equipped to stay ahead of the disruptive world of FinTech. We constantly push the boundaries of speed, flexibility, and support to help our partner clients reach new heights.

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