TaskUs Wins Bronze at the 2022 Merit Awards for Technology with its Human-in-the-Loop AI Services

TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), a global provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies, won Bronze in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) category of the 2022 Merit Awards for Technology. The award recognizes the company’s expertise in fine-tuning Machine Learning (ML) technology by providing human intelligence behind the world’s leading AI developers.

“AI is quickly becoming part of our everyday lives–affecting all industries from retail to transportation and security. Yet these machine systems are still far from perfect,” said Matthew Skyrm, Vice President of AI Services at TaskUs. “It’s vital for real people from diverse backgrounds to train AI models to ensure they work for all end users, regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity. TaskUs’ win at the recent Merit Awards is recognition that the work we do is making a difference.”

The Merit Awards is an independent awards program that honors businesses, leaders, and industries worldwide for contributing to the growth of their respective markets. Competitions are held for different industries, including advertising and media, healthcare, and marketing, among others.

TaskUs’ AI Services team provides data collection, annotation, and evaluation services to power AI technologies in different industries such as social media, retail, travel and transportation, HiTech, and FinTech, among others. The company leverages a human-in-the-loop approach wherein real people collect and annotate data to train ML models. For instance, thorough and effective data labeling helps self-driving vehicles analyze road conditions with greater accuracy for better safety.

The human-in-the-loop approach addresses biases in ethnicity, gender, body shape, and other factors that may misrepresent datasets. TaskUs’ diverse culture enables it to customize the demographics of its teams to help uncover blind spots and provide clients with high-quality data.

To support the operational needs, TaskUs also launched TaskVerse, a centralized platform to source, recruit, and manage freelancers called “Taskers” to perform various actions. TaskVerse enables clients to access a more diverse and flexible workforce beyond traditional BPO services. Together with the company’s full-time and in-house Teammates, Taskers help complete various AI tasks such as audio transcription, image annotation, and data collection. TaskUs currently has over 60,000 Taskers globally who provide the skills needed to train ML models in computer vision, natural language processing, content relevance, and others.

TaskUs has received several prestigious recognitions this year including “Company of the Year” from the American Business Awards, “Best Leadership Teams” from Comparably, and “Achievement in Customer Satisfaction” from the International Business Awards. The Everest Group also named TaskUs as the world’s fastest-growing business process service provider in its Top 50 report, noting how the company quickly positioned itself during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue its growth.