TaskUs Introduces Refreshed Brand Highlighting Growth of Digital Services

Published on December 21, 2020

New Braunfels, Texas, December 21, 2020 -- TaskUs, the leading global technology-enabled service provider for high-growth technology companies, today announced a rebrand of the "ridiculously good outsourcing" company. 

The move highlights the company’s expansion in digital transformation services beyond Customer Experience including AI Operations and Content Security. 

“TaskUs has long been known for its fast, efficient, innovative work with hyper growth companies,” said Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs. “2020 forced companies to embrace digital transformation with speed and focus unlike ever before. Our customers turned to TaskUs to unleash these solutions for customers and employees alike.” 

TaskUs is a leader in digital customer experience and is able to support customers across multiple channels, including chat, in-app, voice, and social. The team’s experienced support experts allow clients to focus on scaling and expanding their businesses. TaskUs delivers consistently excellent CX support for many of the world’s leading, disruptive technology brands.

Intelligent applications based on Artificial Intelligence are core to the digital economy and can be found in areas like smart speakers, self-driving cars, and streaming platforms. AI applications are created by human experts annotating datasets to train an algorithm in a process called Machine Learning. TaskUs first began supporting AI applications over a decade ago, including next-generation product development efforts such as transcribing voicemail messages for visual voicemail solutions. Today, TaskUs AI Operations services have increased in sophistication and complexity as AI applications have evolved.

Companies also rely on TaskUs to set up robust systems to protect their online users. TaskUs Content Security professionals moderate tens of millions of pieces of content per month and are developing and enforcing content security policies in several areas, including intellectual property, job and commerce postings, objectionable material, and political advertising. Their operational leadership teams develop a deep understanding of client processes and of how to apply those policies efficiently and with high accuracy. 

“We have a deep sense of purpose to protect our global society and we believe that content review is an integral part of a safe and open internet,” added Maddock.

Meanwhile, part of TaskUs’s digital transformation is to grow its current work-from-home framework, Cirrus.

Introduced earlier this year at the height of the pandemic, Cirrus is a 100% cloud-based platform that is offered to clients and allows telecommuting arrangements for teammates. Cirrus was built on the foundation of information security combined with modern VDI technology, which recreates an in-center environment on a computer at home. 

The company has over 23,000 employees temporarily working remotely worldwide and supporting clients across multiple industries such as eCommerce, social media, online gaming, food delivery, and streaming platforms.

TaskUs, which started with two founders, seven employees, $20,000 in capital, and a one-room office in the Philippines, currently operates across the U.S., Ireland, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Mexico, and Greece. 

“We are more than equipped to take on the toughest challenges when others cannot, and continually develop ridiculously good solutions一for the success of our clients and for the wellbeing of our teammates,” added Maddock. “We are always looking ahead to the next era of growth for our company. And our revitalized brand represents an affirmation of our position as a proven innovator, a leader in putting our people first, and the trusted partner for companies looking to transform their digital operations and customer experience right now.”

The company’s refreshed look and services can be seen on its website, taskus.com, and social media platforms.

About TaskUs

We are a collective of highly capable humans, who understand how to deploy technology and data to best serve your purpose. From Digital CX to Content Security, AI Operations, Consulting, and anything in between, we consider ourselves responsible for protecting our partners’ interests and supporting their long term success through innovation and technology - powered by ridiculously smart people.

TaskUs partners with the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands to protect what matters most and to thrive in an ever changing world.

TaskUs currently has over 23,000 employees around the world with offices across the United States, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Greece, and Ireland. 

TaskUs is an equal opportunity employer.

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