Creating the next-gen FinTech disruptor is an enormous task. That’s why you’ve got Us.
We are TaskUs: the go-to partner for the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands, also home to an award-winning, people-first culture.

Hyper-growth companies in the FinTech space and beyond come to Us because of how well we understand and respond to a fast-moving, rapidly evolving market—we leverage the absolute best in people, processes, and technology to give our clients’ customers a world-class, 360-degree experience in the areas of security, accessibility, and CX.
Security at its best for
world-class FinTechs.
Security is non-negotiable when it comes to our partners, especially in the cryptocurrency exchange space. That’s why we don’t settle for typical team members, instead leveraging Super Teammates who are highly knowledgeable in anti-money laundering processes, financial literacy, compliance, and fraud prevention.

Our Trust and Safety solutions cover a wide range of policy areas and content types—User Safety, Platform Integrity, Business Integrity, and Content Curation—creating the most secure online environment possible.
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