The Cookiepocalypse is Nigh: Why Brands Should Focus on First-Party Data to Boost Digital Experiences in 2021

Published on June 15, 2021

As pandemic-induced lockdowns and social distancing pushed more consumers to shop online, the importance of customers’ digital experiences has become even more critical to business success. One growing area of concern for brands is leveraging data to improve personalization and serving customers with useful recommendations and experiences online. 

Highlighting this need for better data to drive customer insights, TaskUs VP of Consulting Garth Fasano shared his expertise and insights in eMarketer’s recent Ecommerce and Retail Customer Experience 2021 report: a comprehensive look at the CX industry, which examines the six biggest trends poised to shape CX success in 2021. 

From the rise of contactless and click and collect mobile payments, to the role of augmented reality in the future of CX—this report shares critical insights for improving CX in a post-pandemic world. The biggest takeaway? Increasing restrictions on data collection and the death of third-party cookies mean companies should double down on first-party data. 

The impending “cookiepocalypse”—the sunsetting of third-party cookies that brands have so long relied on for insights on customers—has organizations reevaluating their CX initiatives to figure out how to better serve customers while also better protecting their data. In fact, not only do 89% of consumers say they want more control of their data, but 70% are willing to take action against brands to protect their privacy. 

These colossal shifts are expediting the need for brands to have a first-party data strategy. 

“There’s tremendous amounts of first-party data at a lot of organizations,” said Garth Fasano, vice president of consulting at IT service management company TaskUs. “It sits in different systems. It’s really hard for you customer service agents to utilize if you’re overwhelming them with data.” 

Given that, Fasano said he advocates for implementing systems that “present the right data at the right time.” 

At TaskUs, we pride ourselves on ridiculously good CX, and have been intensely focused on helping our customers evolve to new challenges to achieve the same—including strategies for becoming better at collecting and making sense of first-party data. As we look ahead towards the post-pandemic future, TaskUs will continue to assist our customers in creating the best CX experiences possible for their customers. 

Want even more CX insights? Find more practical advice from Garth and additional CX leaders across industries below. Then, check out the full report, available for download at www.emarketer.com


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