TaskUs, Philippine Daily Inquirer shed light on the ‘New World of Work’

Published on November 11, 2022

The world's collective experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has ultimately caused shifts not only in how people see physical health but also in mental health. Altogether, these shifts have changed how people see and value work culture, leadership, and technology in the workplace.

The recent webinar series titled "New World of Work," produced and hosted by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, highlighted how these major shifts eventually caused the emerging trends in the workforce, from The Great Resignation to "quiet quitting," among many others. These raise the need to elevate employee experience, especially in work-at-home setups where the lines between work and life increasingly blur.

“I want to call it The Great Realization,” said Vina Paglicawan, TaskUs' Director for Wellness + Resiliency in Asia, about the worldwide trend of employees leaving jobs they are no longer happy in. “In the last two years, the COVID pandemic gave us an opportunity to reevaluate our lives. This is a great time for people to really realize what’s important for them.”

She added that it is essential for leaders to be on the frontline of removing the stigma surrounding mental health. It is by doing so that they can encourage their people to speak up and be heard.

“Stigma would stop someone from asking for help. Stigma would stop someone from extending help," explained Paglicawan. "That’s why there is a need to talk more about mental health and mental illness; we may not be sick, but we’re probably not also well." 

“If we have more leaders leading with vulnerability, compassion, authenticity, I would say we would be in a far better place years from now,” she said.

Watch the full webinar here: ‘How’s work?’ Reengaging the workforce in a post-Covid landscape


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