TaskUs CPO Rajnish Sinha emphasizes the need for wellness focus in Yahoo report

Published on February 7, 2022

Several psychological factors have been contributing to the “Great Resignation” – a phenomenon wherein a large number of people are willingly resigning from their jobs during and probably even after the pandemic – that is being reported in many first-world countries such as the U.S., France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

While COVID-19-related factors (such as the lack of safety measures in American offices and people having permanent disabilities due to coronavirus infection) are usually what's being pointed out as the biggest causes of the Great Resignation, many other factors also play as well. Younger workers, for instance, have been prioritizing work-life balance more than ever. They are also having more moments of “self-realization” given their exposure to daily news of deaths and infections.

This is why, according to TaskUs Chief People Officer Rajnish Sinha, it is crucial for companies to protect, safeguard, and champion their employees’ wellness. According to him, "Work is not the only thing on our minds today; mental health and well-being have [also] been a top priority for the past two years.” He added that employers will need to adapt and be flexible, especially when it comes to their employees’ work schedules. This can be as simple as advocating more time to spend with family, additional mental health days, and additional benefits.

Employees, especially younger ones, are already looking for things beyond their wages and benefits, such as the feeling of engagement and fulfillment as well as great work culture. “Is the educated workforce getting the mental satisfaction and experiences they are looking for? Does the organization have policies and processes to encourage movement?", said Sinha.  Employers, according to him, need to be more mindful that employees are constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to fulfill their needs.

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