How to be smart in the age of the cloud—TaskUs IT leader Amit Jha shares his insights on CIO Dive

Published on November 19, 2021

The cloud has become a driving force in the success of many companies today, enabling better work efficiency and business continuity especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But as cloud solutions proliferate to entice customers, companies must also learn to have an unbiased approach to the technology before considering a purchase.

Amit Jha, TaskUs senior vice president of IT, shares his insights in a piece published on CIO Dive on why businesses should always make a thorough evaluation of their needs before considering the cloud. Amit stresses the importance of shifting from having a cloud-first mindset to being cloud smart by aligning business decisions with current business objectives to effectively adopt the right solutions.

“Rushing your cloud journey before your company is ready will thrust you into business purgatory as decision-making is slow at large companies and migration of new lines of business to the cloud is always a long and arduous process,” Amit explains. “You cannot build an upgraded engine while flying the plane, so concrete evaluation and implementation strategies must be in place to ensure business continuity.”

Amit also says that a cloud-smart mentality is imperative for businesses that want to grow and expand more effectively. By taking this approach when developing and incorporating new solutions, TaskUs is able to go live anywhere in the world within a week.

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