BragWorthy Culture Podcast talks to TaskUs about ‘compassion fatigue’

Published on October 29, 2021

What is “compassion fatigue”? How can two completely different words be used all together to define a burgeoning phenomenon? 

This is the topic of a recent episode of BragWorthy Culture Podcast, which hosts discussions about the "brag-worthy" culture and stories of the world's best places to work.  Dr. Miriah Steiger, TaskUs’s Director of Global Research for Wellness & Resiliency, guested in the episode titled “Compassion Fatigue.”

“When you walk in and you already have a negative view of the day, your compassion satisfaction is already low,” said Steiger. “It is also easy to see: if you have people on a call and one is causing more internal conflict within the group, that person's compassion satisfaction is very low and is moving in the space of compassion fatigue.”

Steiger adds that compassion fatigue can happen in any line of business, too. “If you feel like you are overextended past your resources and your capability to adapt changes, you are going to move into that space of compassion fatigue,” she said.

Podcast host Jordan Peace and Steiger also dove deeper into employee resilience and TaskUs’s approach in developing a resilience baseline in the workplace. Steiger explained, “At TaskUs, what we try to focus on is ‘how do we teach our people these skills of resilience before there is a problem?’ That is why we are looking at a preventative care model, and that is the purpose of having resiliency programs in the workplace.”

Listen to the full podcast here: “Compassion Fatigue”, Dr. Miriah Steiger, TaskUs


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