Telehealth Tomorrow: Trends and Predictions on the Future of Telehealth

What will telehealth in the future look like? Learn the trends and predictions care providers should expect.

Published on May 31, 2023
Last Updated on February 28, 2024

With restrictions and physical distancing during the pandemic, telehealth has enabled medical professionals to provide remote care to 37% of adults in the US, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Through a call, a plethora of tasks can be accomplished, and according to the American Medical Association, 83% of patients expressed satisfaction with their telehealth experience.

It’s no surprise that the future of telehealth is looking very bright. The healthcare space is rapidly evolving; we’re seeing digital innovations shape and improve how care is provided. The potential human and tech collaboration presents numerous possibilities for remote health, bringing exciting developments in this space. 

Given all this, what will telehealth in the future look like? What is the future of telehealth technology? In this article, we’ll look at current trends and future telehealth predictions and discuss how they might impact the healthcare industry. 

The industry has gone a long way from providing medical consultations via phone calls. Technology and consumer preferences are transforming the way we do telehealth. Here are a few key trends to watch out for:

  • Computer-Assisted Care
    • Concerning the future of telehealth, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being integrated into telehealth systems to improve medical processes such as diagnosis and treatment. These technologies can quickly and accurately process millions of data points, such as patient information, electronic health records, medical imaging data, and research databases. AI algorithms can identify high-risk cases and forecast outcomes, making diagnoses more accurate. ML enables providers to monitor patients, analyzing patient data in real-time continuously. This allows for customized care and proactive interventions or treatment. Last but not least, AI powers chatbots and virtual assistants that provide basic healthcare support to patients anytime, anywhere.
  • Out-of-This-World Health Solutions
    • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can revolutionize the future of telehealth. They allow for interactive and immersive healthcare services, making remote patient consultations more personal. VR is also be used for medical training simulations, while AR can guide providers' diagnosis and treatment. Both technologies improve the overall patient experience.
  • Growing Patient Preferences
    • The growing demands and preferences of patients will be the most significant driving force in the development of telehealth. This includes providing seamless, omnichannel healthcare that is streamlined for patients. Health institutions must be able to integrate communications through chat, video calls, and other touchpoints, making it easy for patients to access healthcare solutions.

Envisioning the Future of Telehealth

The widespread acceptance and adoption of telehealth will evolve  and change according to evolving patient needs. Here are some developments we can expect for telehealth in the future.

  • Prioritizing Preventive Care
    • Initially a reactive solution for patients, telehealth will progress to preventive and proactive models. With the shift towards holistic health, future telehealth solutions will include health coaching, remote monitoring, and customized health diagnoses to detect early health risks and promote overall wellness. Medical professionals will also be able to teach and empower communities through telehealth, helping people build healthier habits and reduce the risk of ailments via interactive, educational outreach.
  • Complete Telehealth Adoption
    • We can expect telehealth to be a regular part of healthcare provisions. No longer limited to primary care or simple medical assessments, the future of telehealth will lead to a substantial increase in the kinds of specialties and services offered, including cardiology, radiology, and more. With the general population becoming increasingly digital, we expect them to adopt further and embrace telehealth in the coming years. Experts will also be able to reach underserved and remote areas, providing specialized care to those who did not have access to it before.
  • Collaborative and Coordinated Care
    • Telehealth will act as a tool for virtual collaboration for medical professionals, allowing specialists from different teams to discuss among themselves and make collective decisions for treatment. This will enable experts from other areas to work as one, solving complex medical cases as a team. Telehealth will be a platform for collaborative and seamless communication, enabling the development of cohesive care plans. Overall, providers can deliver holistic and customized care, leading to better patient experiences and outcomes. 

While telehealth will never fully replace in-person care, it will play a crucial role in meeting shifting patient demands and improving the speed and quality of healthcare delivery in the years to come. It’s convenient, efficient, and cost-friendly, benefiting both patient and provider.

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