Redefining Patient, Provider, and Payor Experience with Healthcare BPO

Outsourcing processes in healthcare has their advantages. Find out how a BPO company helps you provide a great patient experience.

Published on December 9, 2022
Last Updated on February 6, 2024

The healthcare outsourcing industry is, hands down, one of the most complex, highly regulated, and expensive business areas in the world today. As such, the need for high-quality healthcare outsourcing services has increased exponentially over the past few years1, so it's no surprise that more and more companies are outsourcing their business processes to BPO companies to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand. 

Healthcare BPOs, or the Healthcare Outsourcing industry itself, allows organizations to outsource, streamline, and/or expand their healthcare operations to focus on what matters most: delivering quality service and patient satisfaction. 

Healthcare BPO Services: The Advantages

Healthcare BPO is a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) where administrative and other functions of a medical or healthcare organization are outsourced to another company. It’s a growing industry that helps healthcare companies offer better services to patients—from medical billing to insurance processing.  

Healthcare outsourcing companies take over crucial projects such as:

  • Cost-effectivity. Outsourcing reduces operating costs because clients won't need to pay for additional staff or equipment to manage multiple  aspects of their business. It provides a stable workforce that can execute tasks around the clock with metrics and milestones to achieve. 
  • Flexibility. Outsourcing has the ability to adjust to uncertain circumstances that can affect healthcare operations. Healthcare BPO services are flexible and scalable. That way clients can adapt the service according to their needs and budget. 

Today, companies are constantly looking for ways to stand out, develop new technologies, and innovate. They want to be able to adapt and grow so that they can stay competitive.

  • Innovation and growth. With years of experience, outsourcing companies partner with tech innovators to streamline operations and improve processes. They constantly  improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare industry, guaranteeing expert services and opportunities to help clients grow. 

Patient Experience is Top Priority

healthcare bpo services healthcare outsourcing services

By hiring an outsourcing company to run the call center or handle various processes, healthcare institutions can focus on other aspects of the business that require more time and attention of in-house employees. Because of this, healthcare institutions can improve processes and focus on providing a top-notch patient experience.

Patient experience is the most critical part of healthcare outsourcing. To guarantee the quality of service, healthcare BPO companies use key performance indicators to keep track of their goals.

Healthcare outsourcing companies use patient experience KPIs that may include the following2:

  • Customer satisfaction. This is an essential indicator of how fast and well healthcare providers addressed their patient’s needs. It measures the timeliness and efficiency of the services the patient received.
  • First contact resolution. A healthcare contact center-focused KPI, first contact resolution measures how many issues, tickets, and inquiries get resolved the first time a patient or customer gets a hold of a customer care representative.
  • Average hold time. A call center-based KPI, this indicator measures the average length of time that agents put customers on hold during a call. 

These KPIs allow healthcare BPO companies to monitor which areas of their services require improvement. For instance, if the average hold time indicates higher numbers than expected, outsourcing companies may increase staff to meet the surge of calls. First contact resolution, average hold times, and other KPIs are directly linked to customer satisfaction—once one of these KPIs dip, then customer satisfaction, or other areas of operations, may be affected.

The healthcare industry has evolved, and so should the BPO industry's services. It's up to business process outsourcing companies to ensure they can keep up with those changes.

Things to Look Out for in a Healthcare BPO Company

When it comes to outsourcing services, there's no "one size fits all." Healthcare providers need to ensure the BPO company they choose can provide the specialized expertise that fits their needs.

Here are some things to look out for in a healthcare BPO company:

  • Experience in healthtech solutions and AI services. Every day, companies face the fact that AI services are more powerful when used together with the human touch. Healthcare outsourcing services are geared towards man and machine working together—all to provide better services.
  • Long-term solutions for outsourcing needs. While some organizations only need short-term outsourcing services, others would benefit from long-term relationships with experienced service providers; these types of relationships provide stability over time, allowing businesses greater flexibility when planning budgets in future years.
  • Drive for growth. Healthcare BPO is a booming industry that’s only going to get bigger as demand for healthcare services from both patients and healthcare providers alike increase and advancements in technology develop to make every step of patient care more efficient.

You + Us = Advanced Healthcare Outsourcing Solutions

A healthcare provider's biggest challenge is how to stay relevant in a climate where the demand for high-quality services is always shifting. The rise of digitalization has hit the healthcare industry hard, and it's likely that demand will continue to increase as the industry adopts more digital tools and technologies.3

Healthcare outsourcing continues to grow as more companies begin to outsource their needs for medical transcriptionists, medical coders, and other healthcare professionals. Here are some other outsourced services in the healthcare industry: 

Patient-centric services. This includes processes that directly relate to the needs of the patient, focused on helping them receive high-quality care in a cost-effective way.

  • Patient engagement, scheduling, and follow-up
  • Benefits and policy support
  • Claims support
  • Billing

Payor and provider services. Outsourcing payor and provider services are not just an expense—it's an investment. They allow healthcare institutions to become more efficient, delegating administrative tasks to healthcare outsourcing services for seamless, safe, and satisfactory patient experience. 

  • Insurance verification
  • Data quality, data entry, and records management
  • Regulatory and compliance programs

Healthcare platform, service, and device support. This service provides support and assistance to the platforms, software, and devices that clients utilize to keep their processes running steadily and securely.

  • User onboarding and engagement
  • Technical support
  • Community moderation
  • Data capture, tagging, and annotation

That means that if BPO companies want to keep their business moving forward, they also have to find new ways to meet the needs of healthcare while also keeping up with changing industry trends. These ways may include drastic changes in technology and staffing—both things that outsourcing companies can provide with the highest quality in mind.

Our Healthcare BPO Services

healthcare bpo solutions

With only six full-time employees in their in-house contact center, a regional chain of clinics required a solution that would enable them to handle the increased call and email volume driven by their newly-opened clinics. As a first-time outsourcer with vital work that needed to be accomplished, the client urgently required a reliable, established outsourcing partner who could not only manage logistical concerns such as scheduling appointments but who could swiftly and accurately triage patients’ needs and determine the required level of care.

Focusing on our Teammates’ process adherence, empathy, and attention to detail enabled Us to deliver patient delight at scale. Enhanced reporting analytics helped Us to create new efficiencies to lower the client’s cost to serve.

The results:

healthcare outsourcing
  • 6 to 60 FTEs in the 4th month of production
  • 70% conversion rate vs. client’s conversion target at 35%
  • 1.5 patients per appointment, increasing revenue for the client by 50% per visit
  • Improved workflow for patient safety

As the world's fastest-growing outsourcing service provider, TaskUs has always been on the cutting edge of healthcare solutions—from around-the-clock omnichannel support to consulting, we provide nothing but the best. Our services, consisting of Digital Customer Experience, Trust + Safety, AI Services, and Risk + Response, Consulting, and Learning Experience Solutions are perfected to provide necessary solutions to the healthtech industry from the inside out.

At TaskUs, we believe that a company's success is determined by its people. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we're committed to attracting and retaining them through our people-first culture. 

The Ridiculously Good formula for advancing the healthcare industry is You + Us.

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  • 2^21 Key Healthcare KPIs & Metrics to Measure Your Patient Engagement
  • 3^The digital transformation of the healthcare industry: exploring the rise of emerging platform ecosystems and their influence on the role of patients
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