TaskUs Wins Industry Excellence Award by Global Workforce Management Forum

TaskUs’s quick transition from traditional brick-and-mortar operations to completely remote work amid the global pandemic was acknowledged by the Global Workforce Management (GWFM) Forum, a nonprofit professional organization with offices in the US, Canada, and India. GWFM has recently awarded TaskUs the Industry Excellence Award for this year’s edition.

TaskUs’s innovative and quick transition from manual to online operations was recognized as one of the “ World’s Most Ingenious Best Practices” by the global authority on workforce management.

Before the pandemic, TaskUs had dedicated teams in their sites globally that supplied workforce management services using mostly manual toolkits. But when the pandemic hit, TaskUs was quick to move all of its operations remotely through Cirrus, TaskUs’s cloud-based Work-From-Home solution. This enabled the company to continue delivering services without sacrificing quality, culture, transparency, expertise, and skill expected of TaskUs.

Given the digital shift of business operations, TaskUs’s workforce management support quickly adapted their services for all employees. For instance, processing of employee requests for time off and shift changes was made easier through self-service tools. With the help of the company’s Digital team, RPA technology and productivity enhancement tools were deployed to optimize productivity and simplify real-time communication.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Global Workforce Management Forum and our peers in the industry. At TaskUs, we always come up with unique solutions that improve efficiency, not just for our clients but also for internal stakeholders. This award affirms our reputation as an innovative leader in the industry,” said Mohit Shah, TaskUs Sr. Vice President of Workforce Management. 

Shah added that TaskUs’s people-first commitment had proven once again that prioritizing employees’ welfare will always yield Ridiculously Good results. “This award motivates us to continue looking for ways to optimize our processes for our teammates so that they can make efficient use of their time. As an organization, our focus will always be on one thing––our people.” 

TaskUs currently has approximately 31,500 teammates with offices across the U.S., the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Greece, Ireland, and Colombia.