TaskUs Races to Support 10th International Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon

TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), officially recognized by the Everest Group as the World’s Fastest Growing Business Process (outsourcing) Service Provider, sent its teammates in Greece to join and provide its award-winning people-first support to the enthusiastic runners of the 10th International Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon last October 15.

The yearly marathon sees fitness enthusiasts from across the world congregate in Greece to run together across the beautiful streets of Thessaloniki under the charming Greek city lights. TaskUs teammates from Greece amplified their support through enthusiastic cheers and refreshing cups of water to motivate runners to cross the finish line at Thessaloniki’s majestic statue of Alexander the Great.

Being a sponsor of the Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon is part of an ongoing effort by TaskUs to encourage its teammates worldwide to participate in healthy physical activities and community engagement events. This initiative proves the company’s commitment to staying true to its core values—“Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself” and “Always Strive For Excellence,” among others.

“We want our teammates to be an inspiration to others by believing in their ability, exercising companionship, and giving their best not just at work but also in their personal lives. The Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon is the perfect occasion to put these values into practice,” said Nikos Stavropoulos, Vice President for Operations at TaskUs Greece. “TaskUs is always ready and excited to support events in Thessaloniki and the whole of Greece to provide a memorable experience to the community and to our teammates.”

Half the Distance, Double the Fun!

Dubbed the “little brother” of the 42-kilometer marathon for being half as long—half marathons have taken over the endurance running world by storm. According to data from the World Athletics Federation, half marathons have been gaining popularity in recent years and have become one of the fastest-growing road races since 2008.

This “little brother” has been a staple in Thessaloniki for more than a decade now. As of 2022, the local government has already held 10 annual iterations of the International Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon, including this year’s, to promote athleticism and Greek culture, as well as boost tourism in Greece’s second-largest city and one of the most historic locations in Eastern Europe.

TaskUs teammates, together with other participants of this year’s half marathon, ran for 21 kilometers from the waterfront Nikis Avenue. They passed through scenic sites in Thessaloniki with winds blowing from the nearby Thermaikos Bay.  Crossing the finish line, they were greeted by the statue of Alexander the Great. Runners of other concurrent events—the 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer Health and Power Walking Races—also finished their respective courses in front of the bronze monument.

Aside from promoting Thessaloniki, the annual half marathon also encourages participating runners and sponsor organizations like TaskUs to perform their social responsibility and be more active in events providing aid to various communities. According to race organizers, profits and other support from the 10th International Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon will go to numerous social institutions, which include UMCA, ActionAid, Make-A-Wish, A21 for trafficking, and The Smile of a Child, among others.

“By simply running at the International Thessaloniki Night Halfmarathon and supporting the event, participants are already taking a huge step toward committing to benefit their communities and advancing their respective corporate social responsibility initiatives,” according to Vasilios Syropoulos, Technical Director of the Organizational Committee at MEAS TRITON Thessaloniki. “TaskUs Greece’s support to the runners and the race is monumental in upgrading Thessaloniki’s community and the city’s status in the running world.”

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