TaskUs discusses Human+Tech partnership in recent Emplifi Summit

With the rise of “smart technology,” we see more and more the importance of digital customer experience (DCX) in ushering holistic end-to-end customer experiences. But behind companies’ above-the-line DCX services are people contributing to the transformative CX the world is witnessing today.

At the recently concluded Emplifi Summit 2021, Anca Van Assendelft, TaskUs Senior Director for DCX, provided a closer look at what she calls “The House,” a TaskUs framework that shows how converging people and technology can drive excellence in DCX.

The House is shown to have digitally smart teams and operations, digital CX-tuned technology, and next-generation data and analytics at its foundation. Any house without a strong foundation is pretty wobbly; so, for Assendelft and TaskUs, these foundational and supporting capabilities are crucial for any DCX framework.

“We believe agents, teammates, or humans in general will always be needed. Digital is not about replacing humans but about supporting, enabling, or off-loading mundane and repetitive tasks from them,” she explained. “As we increase the complexity of our technology, we also increase the complexity of humans.”

Assendelft also emphasized that companies should think in terms of capabilities: servicing through digital, hybrid, and optimized platforms; selling and prospecting through digital and integrated channels; leveraging DCX to build brands through customer journeys that build trust and moments that matter; and managing core business processes with leading tools.

“In the world of DCX, it is about engagement as much as experience. There is an accretive feedback loop with the emotional connection at the core,” said Assendelft. “What that means is that CX drives customer engagement, and customer engagement drives CX.”

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