TaskUs Adds Color to Greece’s Public Arts Scene in Latest Sustainability Campaign

THESSALONIKI, Greece (August 17, 2022) — True to its commitment to making a positive impact on global communities, TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies, joins the local government of Thessaloniki in its efforts to revitalize the city’s streets through the painting of old cable boxes—locally called kafao—in the city’s historic arts center.

In the past few years, Greece has been putting more effort into revitalizing its historic cities through public art. It started in Athens as a pilot intervention program that eventually reached other cities, including Thessaloniki.

Since 2019, many municipalities and towns in Greece have been following suit by painting the traditionally grey, derelict cable boxes with more colors that became art in their own way.

“We are excited to work closely with TaskUs as they always bring Ridiculously Good ideas to Thessaloniki,” said Deputy Mayor for Finance, Michael Koupkas. “This recent collaboration shows that they are not only keen on providing more career opportunities for our local community but also on truly contributing to the growth and development of our great city.”

TaskUs was given one kafao to paint that will serve as a visual treat to many motorists and passersby in the busy district. The painted kafao, after all, is located right in front of the Thessaloniki History Center in Ippodromiou Square, a popular arts and commerce district.

Spreading the Message of Sustainability Through Art

TaskUs chose to incorporate a design that visually depicts its commitment to sustainability, specifically the growing importance of renewable energy. 

TaskUs chose to incorporate a design that visually depicts its commitment to sustainability, specifically the growing importance of renewable energy. 

Part of TaskUs’ sustainability framework is establishing its sites in mostly non-metro areas. The strategic locations not only provide jobs to locals outside the city, but also enable a better quality of life as they work in a location with less density, less pollution, lower costs of living, and shorter commute times.

Also, the company has been encouraging micromobility by making the areas near its offices more walkable and commuter-friendly. Some notable projects of TaskUs this year include the beautification of the Panamericano Bridge near its office in Tijuana, Mexico and the crosswalks near its office in Tagbilaran City, Bohol (Philippines). In 2020, the company also painted a crosswalk in Antipolo City, Rizal (Philippines) to make roads more pedestrian-friendly.

All these efforts aimed not only to encourage TaskUs teammates to have fun as they walk or commute to the office but also to inspire living in non-metro cities and encourage the use of public transportation to lessen carbon emissions.

Deputy Mayor for Finance Michael Koupkas (left) and TaskUs’ Vice President of Operations in Greece Nikos Stavropoulos (right) hope to have more partnerships with Thessaloniki and TaskUs in the future.

“The city of Thessaloniki is an art gallery of its own, being home to countless pieces of artworks, and yet it does not stop in providing even more to the public. Essentially, TaskUs is situated in a city that perfectly mirrors our commitment to serving the people through our people-first principles, diverse culture, and commitment to innovation,” said Nikos Stavropoulos, TaskUs’ Vice President of Operations in Greece. “TaskUs is grateful to incorporate our sustainability campaign into the city’s beautification and revitalization efforts.”

Growing Partnerships and Presence in Europe

TaskUs has been actively and consistently working with the local government of Thessaloniki. One of its recent collaborations was the successful celebration of the 10th Thessaloniki Pride last June where TaskUs employees eagerly participated. 

Early this year, TaskUs acquired heloo, a European provider of outsourced specialized services, that will boost TaskUs’ reach in the region, including Croatia and Serbia.

TaskUs, recently named as the Fastest-Growing Service Provider in the 2022 Everest Group Business Process Services Top 50 Report, is currently welcoming multilingual candidates to be part of its team to support various languages like Czech, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.