Embracing Equity: TaskUs Goes Beyond Diversity and Inclusion  

A healthy workplace does not stop at a diverse workforce.

There is more to recruiting people regardless of gender, background, race, age, and other social classifications—and certainly more to just providing benefits and opportunities.

What ties everything is equity.

As we celebrate the women of today, TaskUs, Inc. (Nasdaq: TASK), a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies, joins the world in achieving equality and equity through cultivating true women empowerment within the whole organization. Highlighting this year’s theme, #EmbraceEquity, TaskUs continues to embrace everyone’s differences and individualities to prove that You + Us  = True Empowerment.

Since its inception in 2008, TaskUs has always been at the forefront in building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for its employees coming from all ages, genders, and racial backgrounds through:

  • The establishment of dedicated employee resource groups (ERGs) that serve as the unified voice for women and LGBTQIA+ members;
  • Relentless efforts in providing award-winning, globally recognized programs and provisions for its teammates through engaging working spaces, wellness sessions, and diversity and inclusion programs; and
  • An unwavering commitment to hiring more women in leadership positions.

The company has always taken pride in fostering a people-first culture and workplace where women are given ample opportunities to thrive and succeed in what statistically remains to be a male-dominated tech industry.

“Women empowerment means breaking through the barriers of gender stereotypes, overcoming the challenges of a male-dominated industry, and paving the way for future generations of women to thrive and succeed in technology.”

Dimitra Kokkindou, TaskUs Greece IT

Dimitra Kokkinidou, an Information Technology (IT) professional at TaskUs Greece, is an amazing example of excellence and expertise rolled into one. Aside from being the company’s youngest IT team member globally, she is living proof of the number of tech opportunities for women at TaskUs.

“Embracing our unique perspectives as a woman and using our diverse voices to innovate and drive change in the tech industry are the true meaning of women empowerment for me. It is about recognizing the strengths and values of women, supporting each other, and overcoming systemic biases to create an inclusive and diverse workplace for all.”

Ayushi Gupta, TaskUs India DevOps Engineer

Being in the software engineering field poses its challenges, but Ayushi tries to see the silver lining in every situation.  

To become an equal-opportunity employer, it is crucial to listen, understand, and empathize  with what employees go through, what makes each person unique, and how every person’s story can be different. It is only by doing so that companies can truly create and develop programs and benefits that will be suitable for all.

Equity is the first step

For TaskUs, it is more than simply maintaining an equal-gender ratio among its workforce; it is breaking the glass ceiling and providing women opportunities to climb up the career ladder. The company is committed to achieving an equal male-to-female leadership ratio—and equity is step one to achieving that. 

With career growth and development as a key focus area, the company creates programs that will empower employees to level up and reach their professional goals. The Academy, for instance, is a unique career pathing program for those teammates and leaders who want to grow their careers. We created MentorUs, a collaborative learning platform exclusively designed for The Academy learners. Apart from that, we also have our Human Project program in the Philippines and Taiwan, a unique approach to performance and salary appraisal wherein we put an additional premium for pursuing personal passions and purpose and/or advocacies.

Our leaders also conduct weekly one-to-one coaching sessions that use established metrics and individual scorecards to provide teammates an overview of their performance productivity, quality of work, and attendance.

We invest in our people’s learning—for them to be effective in their current role and to also prepare them to take on bigger ones.

“The ability to support women is a strategic imperative for an organization that seeks to achieve equity, innovation and progress. By empowering women and nurturing their talent, we open doors to a force of creativity, resilience and true diversity that benefits the whole community.”

Ana Marfil, TaskUs Senior Director for Global Diversity & Inclusion 

TaskUs Senior Director for Global Diversity & Inclusion Ana Marfil Casar thinks it’s her very calming demeanor in usually extremely stressful situations that make her the perfect person for the role. Coupled with her stalwart leadership and unwavering passion, she stands as an anchor of inspiration to all those she works with.

“Empowering women is more than just a noble aspiration, but a fundamental right. It means championing gender equality in all aspects of work and life, and ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to live up to her full potential and succeed on their own terms.”

Diana Somera, TaskUs Senior Counsel for Corporate, Securities, Tax, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

It is no surprise that TaskUs Philippines Senior Counsel for Corporate, Securities, Tax, and M&A Diana Somera is in a leadership position, too. Since she was young, it has always been her wanting to become the second female President of the Philippines to help her countrymen.

“Creating an environment where every woman has the freedom to pursue her dreams and make her own choices. Everyday, we celebrate the unique abilities that women bring and work together to break down barriers. As a team leader, I believe in promoting and amplifying the voices of the women on my team and making sure to support their growth, provide them with the tools they need to help them climb the career ladder.”

Joanne Lim, TaskUs Malaysia Team Leader

For TaskUs Malaysia Team Leader Joanne Lim, it’s her special skill in organization and ability to track results, progress, and any trends in her work that make her stand out, and the reason why she is where she is right now. 

Celebrating these individual strengths and perspectives contributes to the collective success of any company. Through creating opportunities, businesses are building an environment where everyone feels welcome, appreciated, and included. In turn, employees are more engaged and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

Creating space

To foster a safe and fair environment for everyone, the company provides and continues to develop various programs and initiatives. Among them are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) led by employees to create a secure space and an awareness for minority or underrepresented groups, as well as allies.

To ensure the well-being of female employees, TaskUs offers a range of exclusive benefits for mothers: from extended maternity leaves, ample and flexible leaves, and lactation breaks and rooms on-site. In some locations, TaskUs also has daycare centers and provides scholarship programs for children of eligible employees. 

These are just some of the initiatives and benefits that indicate an equitable workplace. But there is absolutely much more to the culture.

By providing equal opportunities for professional growth and development, benefits beyond the standard, and programs that promote diversity and inclusion; TaskUs is creating an environment where all employees can succeed and pursue their career goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. After all, it’s TaskUs’ vision to make a positive impact on the lives of people, the industry, and the world at large.

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