Digital Customer Experience

Voice Support Services

Instantaneous resolutions from multilingual experts

Excellent and Empathetic Support

Voice support services provide immediate issue resolution through phone calls that build trust, convey empathy, and lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

TaskUs provides global reach, bridging language and geographical barriers to deliver impeccable customer support. We have operating centers around the world to ensure that your business runs smoothly 24/7.

Support Delivered at Speed

We have a structured process that identifies customer needs, allowing our Teammates to provide relevant solutions in a timely manner.

*Average for Top 20 Voice support campaigns as of September 2023

Higher First Call Resolution vs. Target

Faster AHT vs. Target

Seamless Communication

Our team of highly-skilled native speakers understands your customers’ language and culture, personalizing and improving the customer experience.

Languages supported

Higher CSAT vs. Target

What Sets Us Apart

Smarter, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our digital-savvy workforce and strategic use of AI technology result in faster issue resolution, increased operational efficiency, and improved accuracy in assisting customers.

Cost Reduction Initiative

Through call deflection, we empower your customers to choose their preferred communication channel and seamlessly guide them towards more efficient digital options.

TaskUs Academy: The Art of Fluency

Beyond conversational skills training, our Teammates are skilled in critical thinking, which helps them to identify and solve customers’ problems in record time.
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