Fluent in Success: The Multilingual Call Center Advantage

Leverage the power of a multilingual call center to bridge language gaps, connect with customers, and expand to a more global market.

Published on May 26, 2023
Last Updated on December 13, 2023

In a hyper-connected world, language is the number one bridge connecting businesses to their customers. Communicating with customers in their preferred language is crucial to establish trust, improve customer satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty. Despite this, many brands fail to provide multi-language support, resulting in poor customer experiences. 

Here’s how to fix that by partnering with a multilingual call center.

Multilingual Customer Support: How important is it?


of online consumers won’t buy from a brand that doesn’t support their native language.

The key to excellent customer experiences is clear communication. In fact, without understanding each other, it's impossible to connect with customers, let alone sell them anything. Providing top-notch multilingual solutions is the first step in achieving this. This is why many businesses look into multilingual call center services.


of customers are more likely to engage with a brand if they can establish an emotional connection with their customer support agent.

Outsourcing multilingual customer support services is an efficient way to penetrate new markets, especially for companies that are expanding globally. By speaking to customers in their native language, businesses can better create an emotional connection.

Other ways multilingual customer support improves businesses include:

Seamless Customer Experiences
Language barriers hinder effective communication and lead to frustration. Whether it's addressing concerns, answering queries, or providing product information, language issues should be the least of your customers’ problems.

Enhancing Brand Reputation
Customers have diverse language preferences. That’s why inclusivity and customer-centricity play a significant role in shaping brand perception. By providing multilingual services, companies showcase their dedication to proactive customer care.

Competitive Advantage
By offering support in multiple languages, companies can quickly tap into new markets, establish brand presence, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Does Your Business Need Multilingual Customer Support?


of customers say they feel more loyal to businesses that can speak their language.

Whether or not your business needs to invest in multilingual call center services, you need to clearly identify how it will fit in your goals. To get started, here’s what you can do:

1. Assess your current customer demographics and language requirements

  • Identify the languages spoken by your existing and potential customer base and evaluate the opportunities in specific regions or countries. Understand the linguistic and cultural diversity of the customer base first to determine which languages to prioritize.

2. Define your key objectives and metrics

  • Identify the languages spoken by your existing and potential customer base and evaluate the opportunities in specific regions or countries. Understand the linguistic and cultural diversity of the customer base first to determine which languages to prioritize.

3. Evaluate your outsourcing options

  • Prepare a checklist when selecting a call center BPO for multilingual customer support. Some important things you may need to consider include:
    • Language capabilities
    • Industry experience
    • Technology infrastructure
    • Commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences

Look for providers with a proven track record in multilingual support and expertise in your target markets. Request references and case studies to validate their claims and ensure they align with your business goals and values.

multilingual call center services

How Do Multilingual Contact Centers Work?

An outsourcing provider generally offers diverse multilingual customer support solutions—from multilingual customer support teams to localization services. The overall goal of multilingual call centers is to provide seamless customer experiences or CX services, regardless of the language or location of the customer.

Here's an overview of how these specialized centers function:

1. Language Proficiency and Training

  • Multilingual call centers hire top-notch customer service teams skilled in native or advanced languages. These agents also undergo comprehensive training programs that focus on customer service skills and on cultural-specific nuances. This ensures that teams provide accurate and culturally specific communication with customers.

2. Language-Based Segmentation and Routing

  • To maximize efficiency and provide personalized customer support, multilingual call centers utilize customer service automation and language-based segmentation, which routes calls to agents proficient in the specific language the customer requires.

3. Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptability

  • In addition to language proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and adaptability are critical factors in multilingual customer support. Agents are equipped with significant cultural awareness to quickly build rapport with customers, foster trust, and enhance the overall quality of interactions.

4. Quality Assurance and Monitoring

  • Multilingual call centers are experts at driving quality and consistent customer support through their rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes. They employ dedicated quality teams that regularly evaluate agent performance, assess language proficiency, and provide feedback for continuous improvement.
multilingual customer support

Break Boundaries With Us

Dubbed by the Everest Group as the World’s Fastest Growing Business Process (Outsourcing) Service Provider in 2022, TaskUs has been a proven provider committed to customer experience transformation. We understand that language barriers can impact your customer's experience, and we're here to bridge that gap. We offer multilingual call center services, including Spanish call center support, to help you communicate with your customers in their preferred language.

Take it from our client partners themselves. With glowing reviews in Gartner Peer Insights Review, we have been recognized for our workplace culture, processes, and results.


Delivering Impactful Results Through CX Gurus

Download Case Study

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    Delivering Impactful Results Through CX Gurus


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    Such is the case of one of our clients, a world-leading multi-channel eCommerce platform, who needed to support over 6,000,000 businesses all over the globe. Their metrics for success included:

    • Generate nearly two times the annualized recurring revenue, compared to internal teams
    • Enhance support-driven upselling conversion rates
    • Proactively drive improvements based on merchant’s store metrics

    We provided authentic, scriptless, and complex customer experience services for this client, including customer support, billing issues, technical support, troubleshooting, as well as sales—all in German, French, Spanish, English, Korean, Thai, Mandarin, Malay, and Hindi.

    The results?

    TaskUs generated nearly two times the annualized recurring revenue, compared to the internal team

    Produced a 19% upsell conversion rate for premium features, surpassing the initial 12% conversion rate goal

    15 points increase in customer satisfaction rates (CSAT)

    The approach that enabled Us to deliver these results includes our formula for multilingual customer support success: a combination of individual team member empowerment and world-class technology.

    • We train our teammates to support clients proactively, so they know how to mitigate problems that may arise in the future
    • We utilize best-practice peer-sharing sessions to drive self-improvement in our teammates continuously
    • Simulated a client store environment during our training period to provide a highly engaging and effective training experience
    • Conducted post-training assessments to develop our results and performances further

    So if you’re looking for a partner to meet your multilingual customer support goals, we’re confident that we are confident to exceed your expectations and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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