Outsourcing 101: Scaling The Business with TaskUs

Sean Neighbors, TaskUs SVP of Global Product Offerings, continues to answer the most important questions about scaling with Us.

Published on November 23, 2022
Last Updated on November 23, 2022

Outsourcing customer service offers numerous and crucial benefits, yet many organizations remain reluctant to do so. To better understand the value of outsourcing, as well as its complexities and advantages, TaskUs recently launched Inside Out, an online series where leaders talk about the ins and outs of BPO customer service and customer experience management.

In answering the most difficult questions on cost concerns, challenges, and in-house vs. outsourcing, we now move further into the most significant advantage of outsourcing—scalability.

In this second episode of Inside Out, Sean Neighbors, Senior Vice President of Global Product Offerings of TaskUs, continues to answer some of the most important questions when scaling with a BPO provider: the processes, requirements, and choosing the best outsourcing customer service partner for your business.

How can outsourcing customer service help scale businesses quickly?

Scalability is arguably the most valuable advantage of outsourcing, especially when a business needs to grow rapidly in accordance with its goals. The pandemic, for example, forced companies to accelerate their digital customer experience and logistics management, prompting them to re-evaluate their processes and partner with BPO customer services.

Sean emphasized the benefits of collaborating with a digital CX provider in the customer experience management: "As you're growing and scaling a business, we're here to take all that knowledge you have internally, put it into a foundation, and make sure it's repeatable so you can scale your business and continue to grow effectively." 

Partnering with customer experience management experts can help you build the important questions that your company needs for decision-making. From Sean’s previous experiences, clients often focus on the frontline requirements rather than the overall picture. "People just think about the frontline and be like ‘Hey, I need 200 people.’ While that's great, what about the supervisors, quality, management, and workforce teams? Those are really what make you successful," he added. "But if you can't manage them—which is where our expertise is—then you have an even bigger problem.” 

BPO customer experience providers know exactly what you are looking for, even if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Some of the most common queries are: "What are the skill levels you need? What level of English? Is it voice? Is it non-voice? Is it chat? Where are the locations  - you can scale -? Do you have facilities already in place? Is that work from home?"

Throughout the project—from training your teams and choosing your location to establishing your processes and metrics—the decisions you and the outsourcer will agree upon will be guided by your partner’s deep expertise.

What if I need to scale with specific requirements?

When companies need specific outsourcing requirements such as foreign language support, BPO customer service providers like TaskUs have a pool of global and diverse talents that they can refer to, tap, and subsequently hire quickly without sacrificing quality. More so, we won’t only recommend the best digital CX solutions or technology, but we will also provide partnership options that are customized and best suited to what clients are looking for.

“We'll help you choose where the best place is for that requirement or for the technology today. Do you really need people with Scandinavian languages? Or, do you need a technology that helps us facilitate somebody who can do that in any language? Where are the areas that you need to do business? And what are the outsourcing customer service companies, not just Us but in general, that can support that business in those markets?” 

“We're here to tell you and give you advice that's open to everything. It's not about TaskUs. It's about YOU. It's about what you need to do to be successful.“

Because of the expertise, tools, resources, and staffing that BPO customer service companies are equipped with, partners can weigh their options from a wide range of resources and explore more opportunities. 

Scaling the business with Us

Dubbed by the Everest Group as the World's Fastest Growing Business Process (outsourcing) Service Provider, TaskUs continues to expand its customer experience management expertise through its wide range of outsourcing customer service solutions—from Digital CX, AI Services, Trust + Safety, to Risk + Response and Learning Experience. Over the years, we have been recognized for our workplace culture, processes, and outcomes. From startups to industry disruptors, we continue to be of service to companies of all sizes. 

By knowing the right questions and identifying the answers, strategies and solutions come to life. These are all built by our partners and Us, together. “One of our secret sauces is our implementation team—their list of all the different components we put together and all the things they have to check- off.” Sean explained. “There are multiple different departments in our organization and your’s that have to mesh and connect on… What are the requirements - that we can walk through -? How do we build them out as we go? How do we set expectations for when you are- ready?” 

A partnership with Us is built on a foundation of never-ending questions that determine goals, strategies, and requirements. These questions then lead to opportunities, growth, and milestones achieved with a Ridiculously Good partner.

Learn more about scaling your business with Us.