Companies Should Know the Advantages of Outsourcing. Here’s Why.

Amidst the global economic threats, outsourcing is a viable solution to help them scale, maintain growth momentum, and meet benchmarks.

Published on September 29, 2022
Last Updated on December 13, 2023

Scaling a business requires a delicate balancing act between many interlocking parts, from the evolving complexity of workflows to challenges concerning hiring, incorporating technologies, and taking care of people. 

Here's where outsourcing and offshoring come into play. However, many businesses are still reluctant to adopt this option, especially because the global economy is struggling and cost-cutting is a priority, leading to many brands simply brushing off the advantages of outsourcing without proper consideration. BPO companies are continuously challenged with doubts and misconceptions due to the lack of understanding about the benefits of outsourcing.

Nonetheless, the advantages of outsourcing is an important consideration for organizations looking to scale quickly, efficiently, intelligently, and exponentially—all while maximizing the experience of the customer.

What is Outsourcing?

When companies decide to outsource, it means that they are delegating certain aspects of their operations to a third-party provider to focus on their core competencies, scale quickly, reduce costs, meet benchmarks, and/or increase efficiencies. One of the key advantages of outsourcing is allowing a brand to divert its time and resources to other more prioritized areas that it deems necessary. 

BPO call centers have existed since the 1960s and have continued to grow and expand.1 Its wide operations mainly revolve around customer service—answering inquiries, providing technical support, booking appointments, refunding purchases, and other aspects of the customer experience. With the development of technology over time, the benefits of outsourcing have become more prevalent in areas that require an influx of manpower, such as data collection and annotation for AI and machine learning, workforce management, content moderation for online communities, IT, and other business processes that need scalability.

The Challenges of Outsourcing

Outsourcing to a BPO company is a great way to improve your business' operations, but navigating its process is not easy. Businesses have to deal with many factors, such as legal, financial, IT, performance targets, and hiring components. Being unfamiliar with all these and weighing them against the advantages of outsourcing can be daunting.

More so, one of the main concerns raised by businesses during outsourcing conversations when discussing the benefits of outsourcing is ownership—keeping their branding, knowledge, and business close to their core. It is important to determine how outsourcing companies ensure alignment, conduct training, strictly adhere to compliance requirements, and meet and exceed metrics.

This is why outsourcers must make considerable efforts to help potential clients fully understand the step-by-step processes, requirements, and merits of outsourcing in order to reduce misconceptions about it.

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What are the Advantages of Outsourcing as a Whole?

Outsourcing is undoubtedly a difficult transition, but partnering with the best BPO company can ensure that your company reaps the advantages of outsourcing.

  1. Scalability
    • Scalability is one thing that outsourcing services can guarantee. A BPO call center can provide you with the numbers you require for staffing, advancing tools, management, and developing your products and services. Whether you are a thriving startup or an established behemoth, BPO companies can swiftly make your business adaptable, secure, and future-proof.
  2. Expertise
    • Before you even know what to do to scale your business, outsourcers already have a plan and options for you to understand what you really need. They know the right questions to ask for you to figure out your goals and how you want to drive that growth. Their comprehensive understanding of different industries will enable your business to explore opportunities and move forward.
    • In every step of the process—from training your teams, choosing your location, to developing processes and metrics—the collaboration of your expertise will make the best decisions.
  3. Access to Resources, Tools, and Talents
    • One of the great advantages of outsourcing is being able to provide resources, tools, and staffing quickly and at scale, which would be difficult to do in-house.
    • Whatever your project requires, from language to location, security, technology, and compliance, outsourcing can undoubtedly provide you with a variety of options to consider. You will be able to access all of its global resources and partnerships at the same time, enabling you to become more efficient.
  4. Flexibility
    • The world is constantly changing and like how the pandemic impacted a lot of businesses, it is crucial to future-proof and venture into digital services. One of the advantages of BPO is that it allows your company to become more adaptable to whatever challenges arise. You can easily scale up or down, save money, jump to digital, expand your services, or switch between strategies.
  5. Focus on your Internal Functions
    • One of the great benefits of outsourcing in business, the arduous task of managing a large number of teams and processes can be lifted off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on internal improvements and structure. If you started in-house, you could develop your employees to a higher level of responsibility. This way, you can strengthen your internal teams while also grooming future leaders.
  6. Cost-Reduction
    • Putting together in-house teams on your own can be expensive. You will spend more money on trial and error than you will on outsourcing to experts in this field. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, cost-reduction is one of the top advantages of outsourcing.2 BPO companies fully understand your cost-cutting concerns and will always recommend cost-effective solutions that align with your goals.

Without a doubt, the pros of outsourcing can help your business in a variety of ways. However, the key to its long-term success is finding an outsourcing partner who shares your values, commits to your goals, and promotes a collaborative and transparent relationship.

The Advantages of Outsourcing with Us

Being in the outsourcing industry for over a decade, TaskUs constantly nurtures its expertise in areas such as Digital CX, AIS, and Trust + Safety, currently expanding to support Risk + Response and Learning Experience. We have collaborated with a wide range of companies from rockstar startups to industry disruptors.

We are a different breed of BPO that continues to deliver world-class solutions while increasing client satisfaction. Our secret—our people-first philosophy. Investing in our teammates, promoting diversity and inclusion, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are just a few of our advantages of outsourcing with Us.

Taking care of our employees includes incorporating innovative tools in our daily processes to increase our daily work efficiency, accuracy, and delivery. Staying true to our commitment of providing excellent outsourcing services, we leverage technology and continue to partner with tech leaders to refine our systems, improve our performance, and achieve groundbreaking results.

Want to take advantage of outsourcing?