Optimizer: A Risk-free Route to Achieve Cost Savings in This Recession

Published on August 25, 2022
Last Updated on September 30, 2022

“A mild recession”—that’s how US economists describe the current economic crisis in a recent Forbes article as inflation becomes worse than expected. Consumers are forced to do more with less as businesses feel revenue pressure. Today, many companies are forced to look into ways to reduce spending and identify cost savings including staff reductions or turning to more cost-efficient alternatives such as outsourcing, especially offshore. But where are the right reductions that will minimize impact to your business, your brand, and your customers?

What if there was a risk-free way to get expert help to identify cost savings while optimizing customer support operations simultaneously—an expert who could deliver an extensive assessment of a company’s operations and identify actionable opportunities.

Introducing TaskUs’ Optimizer, a consulting model and solution that enables companies to increase efficiencies and reduce costs quickly within customer support operations. We bring in experts from the BPO and consulting worlds to examine the full scope of your customer operations capabilities and identify areas where technology, process enhancements, and staffing alignments could be leveraged to reduce operating expenses significantly.

The best part? It's risk-free.  We will identify actual cost-saving opportunities worth 10x our fees, or else, you don't owe us anything. 

The program leverages our extensive customer experience (CX) capability framework to examine everything from your company’s CX strategy, to its tools and infrastructure, talent enablement, processes, and procedures, to its business intelligence, with a lens focused solely on saving cost.

TaskUs’ Optimizer follows this four-step approach to creating the most optimized customer operations plans for your company:

  1. Diagnostic & Assessment - We develop an extensive review of the company’s current performance, operational costs, capabilities and gaps, and budget expectations.
  2. Solution Development - We identify key levers that can pull to reduce costs without sacrificing service performance and design how we capitalize on them.
  3. Implementation Planning - We provide a clear blueprint for every opportunity and approach identified with consolidated roadmaps and business cases with projected ROIs.
  4. Initiative Execution  - We can support you in implementing the developed plans!

A typical engagement spans between four to eight weeks depending on the scope and leverages a highly experienced consulting team with deep industry expertise.

TaskUs has provided notable cost savings strategies for several high-growth tech companies from the food delivery, travel and transportation, and media and entertainment industries. Some achievements with partners include: 

  • 500% return on investment for a high-growth online car marketplace by identifying and addressing opportunities within their customer support operations
  • Multi-million dollar savings for a leading streaming service by leveraging data insights to drive subscription retention
  • Significant ROI for a leading food delivery business by introducing an AI platform that automatically transcribes and summarizes voice contacts to enhance customer insights

Watch the video about Optimizer below:

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Doug Berry
Director, CX Consulting
Doug leads our global consulting services team and has over 20 years of experience within the BPO industry managing, delivering, and optimizing services to leading organizations.