Onboarding: Making the Perfect Mix

Published on July 25, 2022
Last Updated on November 30, 2022

One of the ways we commit to keeping our culture at TaskUs Ridiculously Good is by organizing unforgettable events that embody the spirit of the company – a spirit that permeates through all our relationships, from our teammates to our clients alike, as well as operational areas, which in this case, resonates extremely well with how we recruit and onboard top-tier talent.

We recently launched TaskUs Meets, a series of personalized and intimate gatherings bringing together leaders from different industries. It’s like a small networking affair of sorts—but with a TaskUs twist. 

We had our guests live their bartending fantasies for a day at The Big Apple in the last event. Everyone learned to make elevated cocktails and mocktails from New York City’s finest mixologists. Then, to top it off, they competed in a cocktail-making contest, creating their self-made signature drink.

Down to the Last Detail

These small-scale yet impactful initiatives drive our company culture and play a crucial role in the development of our client and employee relationships. Much like how our friends concocted delicious drinks, every part of the process—no matter how simple— absolutely mattered! 

Take the Mint Julep, for example. Southern as sweet tea, this cool cocktail must have all the ingredients prepared just right. Everything from the bourbon to the ice to the order of putting all these together is key. But, of course, the devil is all in the details, so keep these in mind when learning to mix one up:

  • The finer the quality of the contents of the drink, the better. Trust us; no one likes a bad bourbon!
  • The order of preparation is key to creating a mouthwatering Mint Julep. The drink will lose its signature minty smell if the mint leaves are at the bottom. Likewise, the flavors won't come through if you don’t stir the cocktail after adding the ice.
  • Even the glass you use to serve it is important: traditionally, Mint Juleps are poured in silver “julep cups” that keep both the drink and your hands cold in the southern heat.
  • Use small, crushed chunks of ice to help with the drink’s condensation.

Mixing & Onboarding: An Unexpected (But Perfect) Analogy

When it comes to capitalizing on the right ingredients and preparation, onboarding is the same. Onboarding is when newly hired employees are introduced and integrated into their new role in an organization. And just like making the perfect drink, it must have the right elements (or ingredients in a cocktail) organized (or mixed) in a certain way to improve knowledge retention in a new hire. Just as a Mint Julep is served cold in a julep cup, a company’s People or HR department ensures that its onboarding process is delivered in a way that employees undergoing training understand and benefit from.

Just how important is creating the right mix? Companies face various challenges when it comes to onboarding, such as difficulties in remote onboarding1 and information overload2. In fact, according to Gallup’s workplace research, only 12%3 of employees strongly agree that their companies are great at it. Here are some numbers to emphasize the importance of a perfectly blended onboarding process:

  • 93%4 of employers acknowledge that a good onboarding experience is important in a new hire’s retention
  • 77%5 of employees who underwent formal onboarding reached their KPIs
  • A strong onboarding process can help an employer retain over 60%6 of its people in 4 years. 

The Perfect Blend of Innovation and Expertise

At TaskUs, we understand the impact of proper, effective, and bespoke training, learning, and development on businesses. To help organizations scale and optimize growth, we create engaging, immersive onboarding experiences that reduce time to productivity and regrettable attrition by focusing on employee engagement and experience–from offer acceptance through the entire first year of employment and beyond.

Get the right mix for the perfect onboarding learning experience.


Elizabeth Pierce
Sr Dir, Learning Experience, Consulting
Elizabeth is an established talent industry professional dedicated to driving a progressive learning culture throughout organizations to meet company, customer, and employee goals for strategic growth. She has 20+ years of in-depth knowledge focusing on employee development, talent lifecycle design, and leadership evolution. She was recently honored to be part of the Top 50 Leaders in Learning and Development, Americas by Corinium.