Menu Transcription For a Food Delivery Company

Published on November 8, 2021
Last Updated on August 24, 2022

The way people eat has drastically changed over the years. There has been a rise in on-demand delivery; services strive to bring convenience at the forefront of their service innovation strategies and turn to digital transformation to serve hungry customers better. More food and retail businesses are looking to provide a more streamlined digital user experience through AI-powered solutions that include effective Menu Transcription.

The Food Delivery industry has grown since 2017, making it a global market worth more than $150 billion—and they are not showing signs of slowing down. The market has had an 8% growth in the United States alone, more than double its number before the COVID-19 pandemic1.

The Challenge

Our partner since 2017, an On-demand Food Delivery Service based in the US reached out to partner with Us in making significant improvements to their existing Menu Transcription service line. The client had no existing data management tool and system in place, and with the complex work menu transcription entails, there was a need for an improved workflow backed by efficient and precise application of AI.

The Solution

Our team implemented several solutions to address the company’s areas of improvement, ultimately driving productivity, efficiency, quality, and accuracy into their business process. By using an automation system called WoFlow, Teammates were able to transcribe more menus at a much quicker rate, surpassing the average handle time of other vendors while minimizing error rates. Even more, the newly implemented ticketing routing system, specifically designed to ensure high-quality audits from Quality Analysts, brought remarkable improvement through a combination of Spreadsheet, Data Studio, Google Sites, and Apps Script.

At TaskUs, our dedication to innovative thinking and constant improvement goes hand in hand in bringing success to the world’s most disruptive companies in the transportation business. 

Find out how TaskUs can bring #RidiculouslyGood Menu Transcription into your service innovation strategy by downloading the full case study, Menu Transcription For a Food Delivery Company.

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Shoma Kimura
Sr Dir, Community Operations
Shoma has over ten years of experience growing and managing gig economy operations, focusing on the marketplace and community management in last-mile delivery, localization, and data annotation. Shoma also leads the Taskverse freelancing platform as its solutions leader.