Maximizing Customer Experience Satisfaction Through Actionable Insights and Frontline Enablement

Published on November 4, 2021
Last Updated on August 24, 2022

Customer experience is vital to every subscription service as it enables businesses to closely evaluate their performance based on user engagement. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged much-needed lifestyle changes in consumers, with many turning to cable TV and streaming platforms for a safer and more convenient source of entertainment. In fact, an average U.S. consumer now pays for at least four different subscription platforms1.

This change in consumer behavior is only likely to grow in the coming years, making the need for a well-designed customer experience all the more vital2. Maximizing customer experience satisfaction is critical in driving subscriber growth amid today’s highly competitive entertainment space. To achieve this, hitting great customer satisfaction scores begins with a robust CX strategy.

When a global entertainment company and streaming service, for instance, chose TaskUs as their outsourcing partner in improving their customer experience practices, our consulting group implemented an engagement model into the company’s existing frontline. We equipped their operations team with the tools they would need to guarantee customer experience satisfaction, with our engagement model following three (3) phases: 

1. Research & Analysis

The insights gathered from the client’s customer communication channels went through Customer Journey Mapping, Sentiment Analysis, Current State Maturity Assessment, and Data Trends Analysis.

2. Opportunity Identification & Major Themes

Opportunities for improvement were then grouped into six (6) key areas: Data Hygiene & Validation, Platform Integrity, Channel Functionality, Knowledge Base Creation, Agent Enablement, and Net Promoter Score Enhancement.

3. Prioritization & Quick Wins

A prioritization framework was then utilized to help segment current and future projects according to their impact and the amount of work they require.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, innovation and sustainability are a must. Companies need solutions that not only work but also last. The improvements made to the client’s customer experience operations have enabled them to closely monitor current opportunities and make even more refinements for the long term.

See how an excellent CX Strategy greatly impacts customer experience satisfaction by downloading our case study for an in-depth review of how TaskUs’s next-generation customer experience strategy made a lasting improvement to our client’s internal operations.

Download the full case study


Ricky Girson
VP, Social, Streaming, & Gaming
Ricky leads the Gaming, Entertainment, and Social Media vertical team at TaskUs. Prior to joining TaskUs, Ricky covered Telecom, Media, and Entertainment at IBM, where he helped strategic clients with their Cloud, AI, and Big Data transformations. Ricky spent over 5 years in the Entertainment Industry, serving roles within leading talent agencies, movie and television studios, and Big Media where he witnessed the rise of streaming, social media, and gaming. He pivoted to Tech to help the Entertainment sector navigate an uncertain future. Ricky’s passion is the magic occurring at the convergence and collision of industries like Gaming, Media, and Tech. He resides in Dallas, Texas with his family.