Driving Customer Loyalty in 2021: The Biggest Questions About Customer Experience Post-Pandemic, Answered

Published on March 31, 2021

Customer experience is paramount to business success. In fact, 94% of surveyed customers who received “very good” CX noted that they would be likely to purchase more from a company, as well as recommend that company to another consumer. At TaskUs, we pride ourselves on ridiculously good CX, and helping our customers achieve the same. 

Tapping more into the importance of CX, TaskUs VP of Consulting Garth Fasano shared his expertise and insights in eMarketer’s Customer Experience 2021 report: a comprehensive look at the industry, the importance of delivering high-level CX, and how marketers are approaching and evaluating CX success in 2021. 

The report is chock-full of insights. The biggest takeaway? Customer experience is a major KPI indicator and there’s no question of the value it can have on business metrics. Other takeaways customer success leaders should know include: 

CX doesn’t just mean the quick conversations we have with representatives on the phone. 

  • Key elements of customer experience include seamless omnichannel experiences, relevant and intense personalization, customer service (as opposed to CX, and not treating them as the same touchpoint), and finally recognizing the broad definition of “customer,” beyond the actual buyer to a larger audience. 

Being channel-focused, rather than need-focused, can be a company’s downfall. 

  • Surveys found that the essential step of approaching CX as a holistic customer journey, rather than as departmental touchpoints was difficult for 43% of companies. 

As TaskUs looks ahead towards the post-pandemic future with our customers, we won’t let up on our prioritization of ridiculously good customer experience. Want even more insights? Find more practical advice from Garth and additional CX leaders across industries below. Then, check out the full report, available for download at www.emarketer.com

“These findings clearly suggest that the better the CX is, the more likely the company is to achieve positive outcomes. Likewise, consumers who rate a company’s CX as poor are less likely to purchase from or recommend the company, forgive a bad experience, or trust the company to take care of their needs in the future, per the XM Institute. 

The marketing professionals we interviewed cited several consequences for failing to deliver a positive CX, including dramatically reduced customer loyalty, poor word-of-mouth, and even higher customer acquisition costs.”


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