Screening for Success: Navigating the Recruitment Process in BPO Companies

Discover the inner workings of recruitment and the keys to successful client-outsourcer partnerships.

Published on July 13, 2023
Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Successful outsourcing requires more than just selecting the right partner. The recruitment process used by outsourcing companies is equally important. It involves finding candidates with the right skills and qualifications and ensuring they fit well culturally and integrate smoothly into the client's business. The BPO's recruitment process is crucial in determining the success of partnerships.

Step into Inside Out, a show that takes you deep into the inner workings of the outsourcing industry. Join us as we navigate the complexities, advantages, and crucial elements driving successful partnerships. In this episode, Marlon De Mesa, Vice President for Talent Acquisition at TaskUs, sheds light on the intricate recruitment process employed by outsourcing companies. Discover the collaborative dynamics of outsourcing relationships and gain insights into the intricacies of co-employment.

As TaskUs’ recruitment expert, what factors are vital to a successful outsourcing relationship?

As with any successful business relationship, the outsourcing company and the client should operate collaboratively. For this to happen, it is important for the client to choose an outsourcing company that shares similar values.

The outsourcing relationship will likely succeed when the partnership includes a shared mindset amid an ever-changing landscape. When choosing an outsourcing partner, consider if that BPO thrives on a culture of constant motion and can pivot at a moment’s notice. The BPO partner should also prioritize people and technology, giving equal weight to talent, data, and the latest innovations.

How does an outsourcing company recruit?

The outsourcing company is an extension of the client.

Marlon explains that BPO solutions function as an extension of the client, going beyond fulfilling headcount requirements and accomplishing predetermined sets of tasks and services. The recruitment process includes various back-end actions such as discovery calls with clients, market scans, competitive landscape studies, and multi-channel sourcing planning. The extent to which a BPO company leverages technology determines its ability to decrease the time to hire and meet the client's hiring goals.

What do I need to know about co-employment?

Co-employment is a relationship in which two separate employers share responsibility for the same employee. In outsourcing, the client and the outsourcer are considered co-employers.

Compliance is one of the most common client concerns when it comes to co-employment. BPO companies typically have dedicated legal departments to ensure adherence to regulations. Providing regular updates and reports on the client's compliance status is part of a full-service approach.

Marlon explains that outsourcing companies work closely with clients to define expectations, set specific performance goals, and regularly monitor progress. An ideal outsourcing partner will have strong talent management services to ensure all deliverables meet client standards. Additionally, outsourcing companies prioritize training and development programs to ensure outsourced employees embody the client's culture and values.

How do you recruit the right profile for a campaign?

Marlon reveals that outsourcing companies work closely with clients to develop detailed job descriptions that outline the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to maximize the chances of campaign success. The strategic promotion of job descriptions is the foundation for attracting the right candidates. The recruitment team screens the pool of applicants through interviews, skill assessments, and behavioral tests to identify the most suitable candidates.

Ideally, throughout the recruitment process BPO companies should maintain open lines of communication with clients, providing regular updates on the progress and—up to a certain extent or client requirement—seeking feedback on the candidates. The ultimate goal is to identify candidates with the required skills and qualifications that align with the client's culture, values, and vision.

As the client, how can I support the recruitment process?

According to Marlon, some clients prefer actively participating by providing feedback on job requirements, reviewing resumes, and conducting candidate interviews. Others may trust the outsourcing company with the responsibility of finding suitable candidates while providing them with profiles and specific requirements. The level of client involvement may vary, but one of the advantages of outsourcing is having flexibility. Outsourcing companies understand each client’s unique needs and works closely with them to ensure their ideal recruitment process. 

How do you measure the success of the recruitment project?

Marlon explains that outsourcing companies track various key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the success of recruitment projects:


This is a crucial metric that measures the number of days it takes to fill a job opening, from the posting of the position to the acceptance of an offer. A shorter time-to-hire often indicates an efficient and effective recruitment process.

Candidate Quality

This metric ensures that the outsourcing company meets the client's requirements (skills, experience, and cultural fit) and expectations beyond onboarding.


This measures the total cost of the recruitment process, including advertising, recruitment fees, and other expenses. Striking a balance between minimal cost-per-hire and high candidate quality is vital.

Client Satisfaction

Regular feedback and check-in meetings throughout the recruitment process help determine if the outsourcing company is providing the quality of candidates the client desires, adhering to the established timeline, and meeting overall expectations.

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