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Welcome to our Ridiculous World

A Kaleidoscope of
Fun, Growth, and Culture

The country’s rich history, vibrant culture, sumptuous regional cuisines, and majestic landscapes match our world-class workspaces ridiculously curated for you!

Recognizing a diverse and dynamic workforce, TaskUs India provides world-class wellness programs, facilities, and access to onsite experts to support our teammates, allowing them be at their absolute best.
Experience the Amazing

Multifaceted Business Process Capabilities and Back-Office Expertise

Recognized as the World’s Top Outsourcing Hub, India continues to grow with the increasing demand for excellent customer service.

From one delivery center in 2019, TaskUs India has rapidly increased our full-time employee count by a thousandfold to serve multiple high-growth verticals and provide disruptive and scalable CX delivery.

The World’s Top Outsourcing Hub

Widely English-Speaking Population

Over 126 million people in the country speak English


Ridiculously Refreshing Sites

As of March 2023


Talented Teammates

As of Dec. 2022

Where People Inspire People

  • Ayushi Sharma
    Operations Manager
    “The coaching from my immediate supervisor played a significant role in my growth. I could totally second the fact that ‘leaders create more leaders.’ My journey with TaskUs is based on this.”
  • Komal Vyas
    “I am physically challenged by birth; both my hands and legs are not functional. TaskUs gave me a sense of safety and a feeling of being respected for who I am.”

World-Class Leadership

  • Sapna Bhambani
    Senior Vice President of Operations
    A veteran leader and stalwart advocate of our People- First motto, Sapna has been overseeing our India operations since its inception in 2019, starting out as the Vice President of Operations for TaskUs Rangreza. Sapna’s exceptional expertise not just in operations and management, but in people engagement and culture building, makes her the perfect choice to be the person in charge of our center in the midst of the fast-paced, rapidly-expanding outsourcing industry in India.
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