Our Story
It Started With One Ridiculously Good Idea

Create a different kind of outsourcing company.

About TaskUs
Our Vision

To make a positive impact on the best brands in the world, the people we connect with, and our global communities.

Our Mission

To empower people to deliver Ridiculously Good innovation to the world’s best companies.

Know More About Us
TaskUs History

In 2008, two high school best friends, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, invested their entire life savings of $20,000 to launch a virtual B2C personal assistant company and website. The idea was simple: busy professionals could upload their tasks and requirements, and the team would handle them.

The two Founders flew to the Philippines, hired five employees, and rented a single-room office in Bacoor, Cavite.

TaskUs quickly gained a reputation for providing quality service and fostering a people-first culture where teammates could be their authentic selves. As the company expanded, it added innovative new services and took on more critical operational areas.

In 2018, Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager, invested in the company, and in 2021, TaskUs became a publicly listed company on Nasdaq.

Today, TaskUs is a leading digital outsourcing company that provides next-generation customer experience and tech-enabled services to the world’s most innovative brands, helping them build, protect, and grow their businesses.

What Makes Us
Our Core Values
TaskUs has built the company around a People-First Culture. Incredible benefits and unique, inspiring sites are just part of the equation. Culture is about how we come together as a team to produce Ridiculously Good results. Our core values exemplify the culture we foster.
Continuous Self-Improvement

We believe every experience teaches us something and helps us to grow. We also believe that it is our duty to help others to grow whether it’s through our charitable foundation or by providing our team with professional education to assist them in advancing their lives.

Always Strive for Excellence

We’re not satisfied with “good” or even “great.” We want to be the best in everything we do for our clients so that they can be the best at what they do. Period.

Inspire Others by Believing in Yourself
A positive, can-do attitude is infectious. We believe in our own abilities and encourage each other to do the same.
Exercise Emotional Intelligence

We believe in looking beyond our understanding to empathize with our clients and colleagues so that we can find the best solution possible—not simply the most convenient.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As individuals we are strong, but together we are formidable. We believe that teams that work together and that choose selfless dedication over personal ambitions can build something truly excellent.

Be Ridiculous

The craziest ideas are the seedlings that sprout genuine innovation. We encourage our team to approach problems by first proposing a ridiculously good solution and asking, “Why not?”. This applies to our communities as well. We always ask ourselves “what impact can our work make?”—on each other, for our clients, and for our communities. The traditional path does not always work when one is trying to change the world.

Work Hard, Have Fun

We work hard. We put forth the effort, the dedication, and the care into everything that we tackle. We love what we do, we love whom we do it for, and we love why we do it. It’s that simple.

Do More with Less

We are intrinsic, creative problem solvers who don’t give up. No matter the circumstances, we go above and beyond what is required to achieve our goals in the most efficient and resourceful way possible.

Our Growth
Us in Numbers


TaskUs employees worldwide
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*As of September 2023


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What Sets Us Apart

Our people, award-winning sites, and deep roots in technology make Us different. We take pride in our people-first culture that empowers our teams to learn, grow, and embody authenticity, along with our exceptional benefits and opportunities.

Wellness & Resiliency

We leverage clinician-led and research-based health and safety programs, providing end-to-end support for workplace wellness and employee mental health.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We value a Ridiculous team where diverse perspectives thrive, fostering a safe environment for everyone to embrace their authenticity, leading to optimal results.

Employee Benefits

Our global sites offer refreshing facilities. We support our teammates’ kids with educational grants, provide subsidized healthy meals that aid local charities, and offer extensive benefits and programs.

Our Advantage

Innovative technology, such as Generative AI solutions, supercharges our talented humans, automating routine tasks to solve complex problems while ensuring quality.


TaskUs embraces a holistic management approach blending sustainability, technology, and client-centered practices. This commitment positions us as a responsible, forward-thinking organization addressing climate challenges strategically.

We Have Big Ambitions, Just Like Our Clients Do

Our goal is to become world’s largest tech-enabled business service provider. We’ll never stop innovating, partnering with and delivering superior solutions to our clients in pursuit of this goal.