In-App Support

In-App Support is a communication delivery that is provided to a user within the currently used app, without first requiring the user to exit and use a different means to reach a support agent.

With over 1.5 million apps in the app store and 90% of smartphone time spent in-app, providing in-app, mobile customer service is an increasingly relevant and important step in the overall customer experience. Meeting customers where they prefer to engage and making it as easy as possible to get help contribute to the satisfaction of the customer; thus, a business’s overall health and success.

Helpshift—an In-App Support platform that enables mobile apps to improve customer experience, drive higher ratings and increase retention—found that 1 in 5 mobile users actively seek In-App Support.

TaskUs’s omnichannel approach to CX includes In-App Support, particularly with our gaming clients. We have an average speed-to-answer of 37 seconds.