Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)

A Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) is often a leading indication as to the success (or failure) of a brand’s Customer Relationship Management program.

Construction: A Customer Satisfaction Rating is generally measured on a five-point scale (with 1 being “very dissatisfied” and 5 representing “very satisfied). When reported on the individual level, a respondent’s individual 1-5 selection is the reported metric. When reported on the aggregate level, individual responses are summed and reported as a percentage of the total collected responses over the course of a predetermined time frame.

TaskUs believes that a Customer Satisfaction Rating’s best asset is in its versatility—it allows Us to ask customers a variety of questions. A CSAT score allows for the most customized survey questions, so we can delve into different strengths and weaknesses that let Us focus on finding the best way to delight customers and meet their needs.