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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is human cognitive intelligence, such as “problem-solving” and “learning” that is exhibited by machines.

At TaskUs, we supercharge our teammates with Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies to allow them to be more productive, more efficient and have more fun! TaskUs is different than other BPOs that shy away from technology and claim that it will diminish the BPO industry; rather, we believe it will only enhance outsourcing efforts by allowing for work that would not typically be outsourced to be transferred to us. We are true partners with our clients; we blow past SLAs, and we aren’t afraid of introducing technology to do so.

One example of how we use Artificial Intelligence is with our content moderation work. Our teammates moderate over 73 million pieces of content each month and often within seconds of posting the piece of content. We rely on AI technology to deploy the first round of moderation to ensure fast results! The use of a human will always be necessary to determine “gray areas” that require a human touch.

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