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    Collect, annotate, and evaluate text data to train machine learning models

Text Data for
Machine Learning

As AI models improve their ability to interpret the human language, the value of high-quality text data is becoming increasingly indisputable. From chatbots to machine translation algorithms, building accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP) models must begin with comprehensive text data.

TaskUs has deep experience collecting, annotating, and validating text data to enhance NLP models. Trust our experts to deliver the high-quality training data you need to effectively, efficiently, and accurately train your NLP model for any market.

Text Training Data with TaskUs

Quality Management

Our rigorous training and testing process enables Us to design custom, effective quality frameworks to both meet and exceed our clients’ data quality standards.

Flexible Labeling Tools

Our use of industry-leading tools, tech, and solutions enables Us to label image and video data quickly and at scale, supporting a wide range of computer vision projects.

Project Management Expertise

We continuously demonstrate our expertise in executing complex, large-scale programs catered to our partners’ computer vision data labeling needs.

Data Security

We continuously and diligently provide enterprise-level security options for sensitive data or compliance needs, from on-site staffing solutions to ISO-certified facilities.
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Text Data Services
Train and power NLP models through our wide range of text data services
text annotation machine learning
Text Collection and Annotation
Quickly collect and annotate large volumes of text data across multiple languages.
text data annotation
Search Evaluation
Organize search queries by content type and intent to deliver more relevant results to your users.
text annotation services
Text Categorization
Analyze text data on a large scale, assigning predefined tags or categories based on the content.
text data annotation
Named Entity Annotation
Identify certain entities within text to train models to detect critical information. Tag large datasets with information such as names, places, and other identifiers.
text data machine learning
Intent Annotation
Collect, label, analyze, and categorize intents to train voice assistants and chatbot models.
text data nlp
Sentiment Analysis
Evaluate attitudes and emotions behind text by labeling strings as positive, negative, or neutral.
Case Study
Text and Image Classification for
Social Media
For a Leading Social Media Platform, TaskUs provided human-annotated data to train their Machine Learning model to automatically block sensitive text content on the platform:
  • 95 Teammates
  • 14 languages and 4 countries
  • Custom-built training materials and quality framework

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    Text and Image Classification for a Social Media Company


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