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    Improving and maximizing natural language through quality text and speech data

Training Data for
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Machine learning models require large datasets of human-annotated text and speech data to understand natural language.

With over a decade of expertise in data labeling, TaskUs provides the human capital, innovative technologies, and operational excellence to help you scale and optimize your NLP training data programs.
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Quality Management

Our rigorous training and testing process enables Us to design custom, effective quality frameworks to both meet and exceed our clients’ data quality standards.

Flexible Labeling Tools

Our use of industry-leading tools, tech, and solutions enables Us to label image and video data quickly and at scale, supporting a wide range of computer vision projects.

Project Management Expertise

We continuously demonstrate our expertise in executing complex, large-scale programs catered to our partners’ computer vision data labeling needs.

Data Security

We continuously and diligently provide enterprise-level security options for sensitive data or compliance needs, from on-site staffing solutions to ISO-certified facilities.

Natural Language Processing Services

Build better-performing, increasingly-reliable Machine Learning models with our eclectic range of data labeling services.
  • Categorization
  • Entity Annotation
  • Entity Linking
  • Speech Tagging
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Search Evaluation
  • Text Extraction
  • Intent Categorization
  • Translation
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  • Transcription
  • Categorization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Synthetic Speech Evaluation
  • Speech Collection
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Over 30 language capabilities, including English (US and UK), French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and many more!

machine learning and natural language processing
Text Collection & Annotation
We power your NLP models with a solid ground truth of accurately annotated text data. Collect large volumes of text data through our 40,000+ Teammates all over the world across 30+ languages.
natural language understanding in ai
Speech Collection
We quickly, efficiently, and effectively gather thousands of speech samples to enhance natural language models, which functions as the first step in solving any voice-enabled machine learning system.
natural language generation in ai
Chatbot Training Data
We build diverse data labeling teams to collect, label, analyze, and categorize intents based on your use cases. We also create custom training datasets that capture all the ways a wide range of demographics might express the same intent.
nlp machine learning
Transcription Services
We accurately transcribe images, audio, and video data for input into NLP models. In addition to standard transcription, TaskUs also supports multilingual transcription, time stamping, speaker identification, and more.
Case Study
Text and Image Classification for
Social Media
For a Leading Social Media Platform, TaskUs provided human-annotated data to train their Machine Learning model to automatically block sensitive text content on the platform:
  • 95 teammates
  • 14 languages and 4 countries
  • Custom-built training materials and quality framework

    Download Case Study

    Text and Image Classification for a Social Media Company


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