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Image Data for
Machine Learning

From facial recognition engines to autonomous vehicles, all computer vision models rely on a ground truth of image data to truly “see” the world.

TaskUs helps the world’s leading companies collect and annotate millions of real-world image data samples with speed and precision. Trust our experts to deliver the high-quality training data you need to effectively, efficiently, and accurately train your computer vision model.

Image Training Data with TaskUs

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Quality Management

Our rigorous training and testing process enables Us to design custom, effective quality frameworks to both meet and exceed our clients’ data quality standards.
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Flexible Labeling Tools

Our use of industry-leading tools, tech, and solutions enables Us to label image and video data quickly and at scale, supporting a wide range of computer vision projects.
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Project Management Expertise

We continuously demonstrate our expertise in executing complex, large-scale programs catered to our partners’ computer vision data labeling needs.
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Data Security

We continuously and diligently provide enterprise-level security options for sensitive data or compliance needs, from on-site staffing solutions to ISO-certified facilities.
*All numbers are as of September 2023
18 million

Images processed monthly

(for one of our clients)
Teammates and
230,000+  Taskers

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Average QA score in all data-related operations

Image Data Services
TaskUs supports all types of image annotation services, from 2D bounding boxes to pixel-level semantic segmentation.
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Image Collection
Gather 1,000s of images based on your unique quality standards, and in the formats required by your machine learning models
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2D/3D Bounding Box Annotation
Draw and label bounding boxes around the objects of interest in your images to improve object detection models
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Semantic Segmentation
Assigning each pixel in an image to predefined object classes to achieve precise object recognition
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Landmark / Key Point Annotation
Train models to detect small objects and shape variations by marking locations of key points within images
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Polygon Annotation
Define important features and irregular shapes within images to train computer vision models to better approximate the contour of objects
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Line and Polyline Annotation
Define linear structures within image data, tracing the shape of structures such as roads, rail tracks, and pipelines
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Image Classification
Classify 1000s images into predefined categories according to their visual content
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Image Transcription
Identify and extract text from images, PDFs, and more to increase the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR) models
Case Study
Image & Video Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles
Learn how TaskUs optimized computer vision data annotation for a Leading Autonomous Vehicle Company:
  • 1,800 full-time data annotators
  • 16 project workflows, including semantic mapping, feature extraction, multilayer object classification, and LiDAR sensor fusion
  • Custom-built quality framework, resulting in a 98% accuracy score

    Download Case Study

    Data Tagging for an Autonomous Vehicle Company


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