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What is
Audio Data Collection?

Audio data collection is the process of collecting and gathering audio data sets to enhance voice-enabled applications to further train Natural Language Processing (NLP) models such as virtual assistants and speech recognition systems. A vast amount of high-quality multilingual data is essential for machine learning (ML) models to recognize human speech efficiently.

TaskUs has a deep experience collecting and annotating audio and speech data to enable NLP models for world’s leading companies. Our diverse, dynamic, and digital-savvy Teammates can deliver high-quality audio training data in 65+ languages to accurately train any speech recognition model.

Why TaskUs?

At TaskUs, we provide the best quality human intelligence to power AI and ML products and research.

Quality Management

Our rigorous training and testing process enables Us to design custom and effective quality frameworks to both meet and exceed our clients’ data quality standards.

Flexible Labeling Tools

Our use of industry-leading tools, tech, and solutions enables Us to label image and video data quickly and at scale, supporting a wide range of computer vision projects.

Project Expertise

We continuously demonstrate our expertise in executing complex, large-scale programs catered to our partners’ computer vision data labeling needs.

Data Security

We continuously and diligently provide enterprise-level security options for sensitive data or compliance needs, from on-site staffing solutions to ISO-certified facilities.


TaskUs and TaskVerse numbers combined
Teammates worldwide
Growing by 1,500+
Freelancers weekly
*As of September 2023
13 years

In-depth industry experience


Average QA score in all data-related operations

Audio Data Collection Services
TaskUs supports audio data collection services for various types of speech recognition models such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and more.
text annotation machine learning
Speech Data Collection
Gather speech data across all languages, dialects, and accents from native speakers across the globe
text data annotation
Acoustic Data Collection
Record and collect audio training data from various environments such as studios, cafes, streets, train stations, and more
text annotation services
Multilingual Data Collection
Compile diverse natural language utterances to train audio-enabled machine learning systems
Case Study
Audio Transcription
and Tagging for a Global Tech Company
TaskUs transcribes audio data captured by the Client’s devices, which are utilized by the Client to further improve their virtual assistant:
  • 10 million items tagged per week
  • 91.7% average accuracy rate
  • New Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) lines of business for the Client in the next two years

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    Audio Training Data for a Global Technology Company


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